4 comments on “Your Personal Guide to Penetrating Labs & Identifying Vivisectors Legally

  1. I am interested in obtaining photographs of experiments involving cats. Is it really true that they will simply give this material if I ask for it?

    • Unfortunately it is not that simple Lev and the photographs are some of the most difficult materials to get released. You have to go through a number of legal paths in order to obtain them, and many times they will either destroy them after, I believe it is 6 mos. post experiment, which I believe they do for the sheer fact, that they do not want the public to view the atrocities and cruelty they commit on a daily basis to these animals.
      You first step would be to find the specific study you are interested in researching, this I usually do on the NIH Reporter, then you need to file an Open Public Records Request, where you specifically request “all images” also you may want protocols and/or vet records, also they may have videos, but as I said they do not like giving these up and many times this turns into a legal battle.
      If you get lucky and they do submit to your request, there will be a fee as well.
      If you are still interested, and would like help send your e-mail in as a comment and I will respond by e-mail, where I can go into further detail with you, this I would be more than happy to do. Thank you for your interest …

  2. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I was thrilled to get your response. Yes, I would like to learn more. I am particularly interested in research on cats. I’m not quite sure which project I want to inquire about but I’ve seen some that interest me on the NIH search engine. Thank you very much for your response!

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