Will the Church of Christ denounce UF or will they continue to endorse animal torture in God’s name?

Negotiation is Over - Florida

The University City Church of Christ in Gainseville believes that their silence about the atrocities committed against animals (God’s creations) at UF renders them off limits. They would prefer that we did not protest there on Sunday. They have been given the option of taking an active stand against taxpayer-funded animal abuse or, by virtue of their tacit approval of monkey torture, embracing this Sunday’s demo to protest their complicity and hypocritial endorsement of evil.

Subject:Clarification from University City Church of Christ
From:Rich Howell (richhowl@bellsouth.net)
July 2, 2012

To whom it may concern,

My name is Rich Howell, senior minister of the University City Church of Christ. We have been notified by police that you are planning a protest event for this Sunday at our facilities. I wanted to make sure you knew the facts about this church and the alleged monkey torture you are raising your voices about:

1) Our church is not affiliated with the University of Florida. We wear the name University City because prior to 1980 our facility was located on University Ave. We have a Christian campus group called Gators for Christ which promotes Christian values and wholesome activities for college age members of our church.

2) We have nothing to do with the alleged monkey torture at UF – none of our members are involved in it, nor do we have any leverage or authority to stop the alleged abuses.

3) You spoke falsely of our church on your web site regarding our worship and message. If you want to know what we teach and preach see our website at www.universitycitychurchofchrist.org. You will find messages of things that are good and true and biblical. We promote love and compassion as God defines and displays it in His Word.

4) Anyone from your group is welcome to worship with us or attend one of our classes on Sunday. Please be respectful and come empty-handed – no fliers, please. We come together to worship God and enjoy fellowship with each other and all are welcome!

5) Our facility is private property, however, and you can only come on to the premises on our terms, not with a political agenda or negative message. You have the right to be on the sidewalks outside our property lines, but if you insist on propagating your cause on our private property, you will be asked to leave.

I know you care deeply for the animals you are trying to protect, but we are not involved or responsible for any such actions. I feel badly for you and your organization for wasting your time at our facility, but we will not allow our members and guests to be disturbed or distracted as they worship God. Please do your homework and you will learn that this is truly “barking up the wrong tree”.

Rich Howell

Subject:Clarification from University City Church of Christ
From: camille@negotiationisover.net
To: Rich Howell (richhowl@bellsouth.net)
July 2, 2012

Dear Mr. Howell,

Thank you for your message regarding the mission of your church. Please be assured that neither I nor any member of my group is attacking christianity.

But you are incorrect in your position that you do not support the atrocities committed against animals, paid for with tax dollars, at the University of Florida. As an influential and respected member of the community, anything other than a public denunciation of UF is a demonstration of tacit approval. It is this silence that has allowed them to commit their crimes with impunity for far too long.

If you would consider taking a public stand against the university in defense of God’s precious, innocent, voiceless, and suffering Animals, I would be more than happy to cancel this demo. A statement that I might publish on my site would suffice.

Please consider my offer seriously as i would enjoy the opportunity to work with you toward creating real compassion for all beings on this planet.

Otherwise, please understand that as a member of the immediate community with so much influence, you remain more complicit than most. We have done these community outreach exercises in malls, at celebrations, sporting events, and even gone door to door.

So the decision is solely yours Mr. Howell. Will the church take a stand against evil in your own community?

Warmest regards,

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