Weekend of Outrage in Gainesville Wrap Up

Negotiation is Over - Florida

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by NIO Florida

Saturday, July 7

4 – 6 pm: Did some community outreach, talking to people one-on-one and leaving flyers with sympathethic businesses in strategic locations to disseminate our information while demonstrations were in progress.

8 pm – Attempted Surprise Demo at Bergeron’s Home: Activists pulled up in front of the vivisector’s home at 6220 NW 56th Lane and were greeted by patrol cars that were stationed in front. Apparently, the Gainesville PD is sanctioned to take pre-emptive measures to protect vivisectors from potential dissent from compassionate activists. Five of us were detained and tresspassed.

bergeron’s home at 6220 nw 56th street is obscured by trees (courtesy nio florida, 7/7/12)

Sunday, July 8

8:30 am – University City Church of Christ: Educational outreach in community. After demo, we all went to church where our presence was known by most and left our leaflets in the bibles. Spoke with Senior Minister Rich Howell who asserted that he could not rely on the information on this website because I misrepresented his church by writing in a previous post that the good christian churchgoers had Zeig Heiled us and cursed us out. Fortunately, the older gentleman at the door with Howell was quite proud of his actions and, contrary to what the minister was attempting to allege, the man blurted out “that was me!” lol

12 pm – Surprise demo at the home of vivisector Stephen Roberts. Our campaign was introduced to his community in no uncertain terms. The neighbors behind the gates of his upscale c0mmunity took note, and four police vehicles were on the scene within 5 minutes.

2 pm – Demo at the home of vivisector Raymond Bergeron. It seemed that there was a cop on hand for each activist present. Unfortunately for Ray, they will never silence us. And despite the malicious and false police reports he filed against two activists, both activists were present and vocal in their outrage!


Overnight camps will be intermittently set up at Bergeron’s private community over the next three days. Teams of activists are following him everywhere he goes and recording everything he does.

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  1. tammie colosimo says:

    Why are you doing this in this day and age there are alternatives!!!!! Please find it in your heart to PUT AN END TO THESE SENSELESS,BARBARIC WAYS OF PRACTICING MEDICINE IT IS NO LONGER NEEDED. THE SUFFERING AND MURDER OF INNOCENT ANIMALS IS NOT COMMON PRACTICE ANY MORE!!!!!! SAVE A LIFE , FIND ANOTHER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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