Vivisection Students: Welcome to your new curriculum!

Negotiation is Over - Florida

On July 8 & 9, 2011, NIO activists in New York and Florida began to place bounties on the heads of biomed students & aspiring animal torturers. Our infiltrations were coordinated with several orientation events and festivities. Since NIO FL is banned from UF, some of us choose to not reveal ourselves in disguise nor will we reveal the identities of any of our comrades in other states. Just know, the war has begun. We infiltrated every university area from where we were banned. We went to bus stops, christian reading rooms, taco bell, and various student hangouts. In Florida, we even gave the “reward” flyers to biomed students coming out of their torture sessions. The extremists have arrived…


Follow the campaign against animal experimentation at the University of Florida HERE.

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