VICTORY!!! Another weak link in the vivisection chain snapped…

Negotiation is Over - Florida

“We ask nicely for years and get nothing. Someone makes a threat, and it works.” —Ingrid Newkirk

“We played the game, we played the rules. We were moderate, reasonable, and professional. We had data, statistics, and maps. And we got fucked. That’s when I started thinking, `Something’s missing here. Something isn’t working.’” —Earth First! activist Howie Wolkie on attempts to protect wilderness through compromise with the US Forest Service

by Camille Marino

Early last week we identified 18-year old “Student X” who moved to Florida from Washington to work at the Sid Martin Biotech Incubator — a $22 million University of Florida concentration camp in Gainesville. Research into X’s background revealed personal details that potentially rendered her emotionally vulnerable. Additionally, we knew that she was still isolated in this state. We knew the exact nature of her position in the dungeon and sought to remove her from the equation, just as we will seek to eliminate student vivisectors or any youth we deem complicit. Parents need to reconsider sending their kids to Florida to participate in institutional animal abuse in any capacity.

We will identify them. We will confront them. And the only mercy we have is expended on the animals.

Due solely to the efforts of NIO activists, X quit her job at the Incubator.

The relevance of this exercise is for the animal liberation community to take note: we can empower ourselves. Individual activists and groups do not need to campaign against fully-entrenched vivisectors for 20 years or until Social Security kicks in. We must identify the enemy’s vulnerabilities now and NIO has proven that students/young people can be easily targeted and eliminated from the equation. The rules by which the enemy would like us to conduct ourselves are constructed to advance the state’s agenda and render us impotent. Therefore, we necessarily must start playing by our own rules and start snapping the weak links in rapid succession.

There is no excuse for anyone to sit on the sidelines anymore. We are leading the way. We hope the movement will follow.

A report published hours ago in the Gainesville Sun reads:

An animal rights group posted the name, photos and an email address of an 18-year-old Gainesville woman on it website as part of its campaign against animal research, before taking down the information over this past weekend.

The group Negotiation is Over had been distributing fliers offering $100 rewards for information on students involved in animal research. The first person named as part of the campaign was the Gainesville woman, who was identified as working at a local research facility.

The woman, whose name I’m withholding, told me that she received numerous email messages including a threat to burn down her home. The irony is that the woman isn’t a student and said she has done no animal research. She said she cleaned the laboratory at the facility, but had no contact with animals.

In the wake of the posting of her name and information, she’s stopped working there. But she doesn’t want the decision to be viewed as a victory for the group, which she said sees as bullying people who disagree with them.

“They’re not a terrorist group. They’re a group of big bullies,” the woman said.

The group has previously put the addresses and phone numbers of University of Florida faculty researchers online. The Florida Board of Governors voted Thursday, as part of its legislative budget request, to ask state lawmakers to create a public records exemption for the addresses of university faculty and staff who conduct research involving animals.

“It’s not one that we would request lightly, but we think it’s important to protect the safety of our faculty researchers,” said Rick Maxey, executive director of governmental relations for the board, to a board committee last week.

A University of California at Los Angeles researcher in 2009 had his car set on fire outside his home and ended up moving. Negotiation is Over leader Camille Marino subsequently posted his new address on her website, leading him to obtain an injunction against her ordering her to remove the address.

Marino said Monday that removing the Gainesville woman’s name and information was simply a change in tactics. She said she’ll continue to focus on students as the weak link in the chain of animal research, but will do so privately and not online. She said she has no regrets about posting information about someone who didn’t conduct any actual research.

“Hitler didn’t exactly exterminate Jews by himself … It takes all the links in the chain to perpetuate the Holocaust,” she said.

Animal liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits.

Follow the campaigns against student vivisectors (WOS) & animal experimentation at the University of Florida & HERE.

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