Urgent Email Action: Urge Michael J. Fox Foundation to Stop Funding Monkey Torture

Negotiation is Over - Florida

holocaust victim is tattooed inside uf vivisection lab

holocaust victim is tattooed inside uf vivisection lab

Within days, Eleventh Hour for Animals will release the shocking details of the monkey torture at UF that is exclusively being funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. At this moment, they are considering funding even more of these atrocities and we must urge them to sever ties with UF before more monkeys succumb.

Please compose your own letter or use the sample provided and email the Michael J. Fox Foundation today.


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Dear Executives, Publicists, and Regional Directors:

I have discovered that the Michael J. Fox Foundation is funding nonhuman primate experiments at the University of Florida. I’d like take a moment to share with you some information and to suggest that continuing this relationship might prove to be extremely disadvantageous.

Over the past several years, the University of Florida has been successfully sued several times by activists to compel disclosure about their research programs. Their flagrant and repeated noncompliance with some laws and their manipulation of other laws to blacken transparency belie a culture of corruption surrounding their research programs. Further, on December 24, 2013, Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a federal complaint citing systemic incompetence and a “culture of negligence” that is pervasive inside the University of Florida’s labs. UF is now under federal investigation. And after obtaining records through a third lawsuit filed days later on December 26, we were very disappointed to learn that the Michael J. Fox Foundation is funding some of the most egregious experiments on nonhuman primates. These procedures are cruel and the science is archaic.

The monkeys involved in the experiments you fund were purchased from a notorious breeder. They spend their entire life in a cage. They are repeatedly drugged and spend their entire lives being farmed for body parts and fluids. This is before they even land in UF’s labs. While the exact nature of the atrocities you are funding will be released to the public within days, I can say with confidence that every one of these monkeys is turned into a drug addict, tortured until he is murdered, and then his brain is extracted. This “research” has nothing to do with Parkinsons Disease nor is there any scientific validity.

While the University of Florida is the subject of repeated legal actions, a federal investigation, and is in the fourth year of a highly-publicized and contentious campaign to document and expose its crimes against nonhuman primates, I urge you to fund only scientifically-advanced technological alternative research. Alternatively, I would strongly suggest that you sever your relationship with UF immediately and cease funding further monkey experiments.

Many of us love Michael J. Fox and his association with UF is very disturbing. I would hate to see him involved in future actions that will likely be taken against the University of Florida.


Please visit Eleventh Hour on Facebook and be sure to stop by our event page.


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    • Eleventh Hour says:

      hi benjamine,

      it will end as soon as it becomes a liability for them to continue. these cyber actions are an important and vital part of a comprehensive campaign to end institutional animal abuse. and we thank you for supporting our efforts and participating in these actions. together, we will free the monkeys.

  1. Martina Leclerc says:

    I’m not longer a fan of Michael, the sooner he dies,the better.

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