Update on lawsuit against University of Florida

Negotiation is Over - Florida

by Camille Marino

On Tuesday, February 28, while I was being extradited to Michigan, my civil lawyer in Gainesville, Marcy LaHart, went back to court on my behalf and sued UF to disclose the addresses of their monkey prisons. We hold that since this information is not specifically exempted under Florida statutes, redactions on the vet records we won on Dec. 30, 2011 are illegal.

I just learned that the Honorable Judge Martha Lott ruled against us.

Ms. LaHart advises that in filing our appeal, we now have an opportunity to make “good law.”

We are trying to push forward and open up new fronts. If we prevail, this will provide a heretofore untapped level of exposure that UF is fighting vehemently to prevent.

Will update this situation as we progress…

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