University Church & Archer Road Protests

Negotiation is Over - Florida


March 16, 2014: Our numbers are still small but growing steadily. And it is a great feeling to be surrounded by aggressive and committed activists who are always willing to put their boots on the ground and get the job done.

We had an opportunity to intercept the crowds outside the University City Church of Christ early this morning. Many parishioners gave us an opportunity to discuss the atrocities inside UF and asked for our literature to follow up. People appear to be unilaterally aghast to learn about our 3 lawsuits for failure to comply with this state’s laws, 2 federal complaints for incompetence and corruption, about Bergeron’s experiments being conducted for the parks department so children will be allowed to play in arsenic-laced dirt, or of his penchant for monkey torture to garner favor with Proctor & Gamble. Not much “medical” research going on inside UF! only a lucrative animal torture industry that the community seems to frown upon…

And the Gainesville PD was kind enough to send squad cars out to watch our cars and make sure that nothing was stolen from us while we protested.

After the congregation was inside the church, we went to our second location — a high-traffic protest spot that is known for political dissent. We enjoyed a lot of cars honking, thumbs up, and several enthusiastic “Fuck UF” shouts from the community.

Please click HERE for more pictures. 🙂


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