UF’s Silver Society welcomes the class of 1985….and NIO Florida!

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Camille: Did you remember to bring that list of attendees?L
isa: Yes….it’s 24×36, lol!

“Welcome to NIO, you’ve made our list of murderers!”

Simulposted with Negotiation Is Over Every year UF’s Silver Society recognizes the 25th reunion of alumni. As we work to stop the flow of money into UF, this demographic is very important in that lumni drive finance and drive policy in universities. As we know, the less money UF gets the fewer primates they can torture. NIO Florida is committed to removing as many tools of oppression as possible from the hands of UF’s mutilators and closing their heinous prison camps…until every cage is empty and all are free. As the attendees arrived they were led down a carpet by a gauntlet of revelers then through a balloon arch while being cheered on for the college they graduated from. NIO met them from many angles showing vivisection pics and telling them when they write a check, this is what they are approving. Some arriving attendees tried to walk around us, others laughed, still others tried to not look as they huddled closer to each other! NIO will again be in full force when bio-students – apprentice vivisectors – arrive for the new fall semester.

KEY ACTIONS:– We didn’t announce this protest, so we had the element of surprise:

  • The night before NIO blanketed the designated hotels with our new leaflets.
  • The Silver Society planned to be the only ones there so the party started outside for us.
  • Tresspassed activists met the revelers with a “We Are Watching You” roll call as the entered the affair.
  • Activists that weren’t trespassed were free to enter and hold signs at the sign-in table.
  • Surprise NIO is here! One of the cops who had banned us in December called for backup. They pulled at least extra agent of repression off the street.

Follow the campaign against animal experimentation at the University of Florida HERE.

Keep up to date on “The War on Vivisection Students” HERE.

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