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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Image of a a monkey being tortured inside the University of Florida
(awarded by the court on 12/30/11, Camille Marino v. UF)

Camille Marino
November 21, 2017

Since I got back online four months ago, I filed numerous records requests with the University of Florida — not a single request has been honored and their game-playing has actually reached an entirely new level. I am in receipt of “disappearing” files — heavily-redacted partial records that were released and then “expired” and are no longer available. UF is under fire right now for their dishonest handling of records relating to other projects; possibly even providing fraudulent documents. And it is imperative that we pursue this issue in a timely manner to ensure maximum damage to their reputation. I will be meeting with my lawyer, Marcy I. LaHart, in early December in Gainesville. At that point, we will sue UF or pursue any other legal remedy we deem appropriate to take possession of the animal experimentation records.

Marcy LaHart’s fee is $400 plus a $50 filing fee. In the past, I would pay all legal fees involved in suing the university out of my own pocket when necessary; UF ultimately paying all the fees each time we won and that reimbursed money would go back into the campaign. But 5 years of prosecutions has left me financially devastated. So a GoFundMe account has been established to help Eleventh Hour for Animals pursue legal action.

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On December 30, 2011, Negotiation Is Over/Eleventh won our first lawsuit against the University of Florida, allowing us to begin publishing the stories of monkeys that were enduring horrific experiments in their labs — some for over two decades — as well as gut-wrenching pictures. Within weeks of this victory, the first arrests occurred on February 4, 2012 at an alumni event protest. Since that date, the University of Florida and others have been relentless in their efforts to keep me detained by the legal system, prosecuted and jailed, all with one singular objective: to silence me! They may have succeeded temporarily, but restraining orders and jail sentences have expiration dates — the truth doesn’t.

Up until Eleventh Hour for Animals initiated our anti-vivisection initiative at the University of Florida, every animal inside their labs was tortured and killed in anonymity. The only weak excuse for activism that was ever available to their victims was an occasional welfare complaint filed with the USDA for noncompliance with federal welfare laws. The net effect is that the public has been allowed to believe that welfare laws protect the animals and that, after their slap on the wrist for the violation, the balance of animals in their labs are well-cared for and comfortable. And as a reward for welfarists promoting the vivisectors’ own propaganda, they would be rewarded with an animal released to a sanctuary now and then when his/her tormentor retired.

Eleventh Hour doesn’t seek to debate or negotiate the torture of their nonhuman victims. We seek to lay bare for the world the brutal realities of welfare-compliant animal experimentation. And we seek to make certain that the complicit, those getting rich on blood and terror, are held accountable — named & shamed, having forfeited all rights to peace and anonymity the day they picked up a scalpel.

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