UF orders a Media Blackout in Gainesville to Cover Up Their Crimes Against Animals

Negotiation is Over - Florida

holocaust inside ufby Camille A. Marino

It’s official!

The University of Florida is going for an all-out media blackout to keep their crimes hidden from the community in Gainesville.

Their propaganda arm, The Gainesville Sun, has slandered me relentlessly over the past 2 years, even reporting that I was in jail for “fraud by wire,” has gone silent since I got out of jail and we filed 2 federal complaints against UF for the endemic culture of corruption and incompetence in which their animal torture industry in shrouded.

Same with the “Independent” Alligator.

And tonight, they killed the story about the monkeys on the 6 o’clock news on WUFT-TV. When their reporter tried to bait me with the question “how does that make you feel?” I answered “it makes me angry.” Of course, his follow up question was “angry enough to do what?” I guess he just didn’t like my response, “angry enough to raise enough awareness to shut them down.”

The University of Florida has had me arrested 6 times since February 4, 2012, extradited to Michigan twice, had my house raided once, put me behind bars for over 8 months, house arrest for another 3, and got me banned from the internet for another 7 months. I guess they thought that would have deterred me from fighting for animal liberation. They were wrong!

So their new strategy is somewhat amusing. While we were protesting on Saturday, I was parked in a half-empty Holiday Inn parking lot. At one point a clerk comes out with a paper in his hand, walks right over to my car, checks my plates, and made me move it or it would be towed. Gee! I had to move my car across the street. I can’t tell you how shattered I was by this experience. lol And now a media blackout within the Gainesville “journalism” outlets owned and operated by UF. What ever will we do now??? Hmmm. Take a look at the previous paragraph… If this is all they have left, then they’re seriously running out of options.

Just to recap the last few years, I’ve successfully won two lawsuits, one while I was sitting in a jail cell in February 2013. And the location of the labs are now ruled public information.

The court compelled them to turn over their records to me on December 30, 2011. While they got me banned from the internet they thought they had shut us down for good. But Karen Kline sued them yet again on December 26, 2013. Rather than be dragged back into court, they squirmed like the slime they are and conceded to our demands out of court.

We’ve only just begun.

I look forward to increasingly-strategic and escalated actions in Gainesville for as long as it takes.

I look forward to hitting them from every direction, in every pocket, and in the living rooms of every single mercenary bathing in blood money.

Until the monkeys are free…


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