UF “encourages” its “alumni” to spam activists!

Negotiation is Over - Florida

by NIO Florida

Profiting from monkey torture appears to have become a public relations nightmare for the University of Florida. Now that their secrets are out, they are squirming and writhing trying to keep their benefactors and the public from hearing them.

One after another, their Gator Nation networks are disabling the emails of entire clubs. Unfortunately for them, several more Gators already denounced UF over the weekend and those declarations will be published later this week. In addition, a stunning post that went up on the Central Florida Gator Club on Friday urges their alumni to not read emails about UF’s monkey experiments and, in fact, encourages its members to spam activists!!! Isn’t spam illegal??? My how the once-pristine institution appears to have slipped in a puddle of blood and fallen in the mud…

“The attached letter explains who and what this group [NIO] is. If you are unfortunate enough to be attacke d by this group do not respond to the emails and we encourage you to block or ‘spam’ the sender’s email address. The best response is none at all. Responding will only encourage dialogue with the group and in some cases, harsh and critical replies have been reported. You are also encouraged to change your security settings on Facebook to block entry from people you don’t know, and don’t forget to block strangers from your photos as well.”

Read entire announcement HERE.

Last week, an article was published in a mainstream newspaper discussing their insidious monkey experiments and discouraging prospective students in Cleveland from applying to the University of Florida. This was the first of such articles that we anticipate being published in a number of other demographics.

So, based upon their handling of this situation thus far, we expect the University of Florida to issue a statement any day now advising high school students everywhere to stop reading the newspaper and shut their eyes tightly…

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