This Place I Call Home

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This hell I call home

This hell I call home

by Danielle Wolfe

This place I call home 
its cold and dark
I’m in these bars
No room to walk
I’m covered in scars

I’ve never known light as a friend
When I see it come, the terror begins
And it feels like the end

My heart starts to beat,
My mind goes numb
I know what’s next
The horror has come

The torment begins
As I scream in terror
I feel the prick of the pins
The light starts to swirl
And the darkness comes in

I’m back in my cell
I awake in my cage
This place I’ve called home 
For all of my days
I hear all the screams
Of the pain and the rage
I feel my fresh wounds
Its just another day

I stare out my cell
This place I call hell
I’ve never seen green
Or even a tree 
The sun is unknown
The winds never blown
I stare out my cell
This place I call home

The Prisoner Project is about incarcerated humans, through their experience, giving a voice to our entombed nonhuman cousins. Danielle Wolfe has been locked in a concrete box for over 2 years with no end in sight. She has not breathed fresh air, has had no physical contact with her loved ones, and knows what it’s like to flirt with insanity due to her intensive confinement. She is now vegan and committed to the struggle for Animal Liberation. Her chilling words now speak for the animals who’s voices have been silenced…



2 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    A chilling view from a different angle for many of us…
    As we are so used to only seeing the pain and imprisonment of the animals,I would like to thank you Camille for using using w every moment of your Incarceration to continue this battle to save the animals.
    Thank you for sharing this…….leaving this with many hopes that Danielle will again feel the sun shine..
    You’re a true warrior Cam…In Solidarity Sister!

    • nioflorida says:

      Thanks so much for finding the site.

      I’ll relay your words to Danielle.

      I am so impressed. You learned how to use your phone! 😀

      Love you.

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