“The Vivisector Next Door” – Nov. 15 Global Action Wrap Up

Negotiation is Over - Florida

These are the pictures from some of the simultaneous events around that took place around the world on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014, as activists stood together in solidarity against vivisectors. If you murder animals from 9 – 5, we will find you where you eat, sleep, and used to relax….


70 – 80 protestors showed up to speak for the Mazur monkeys and against the global slave trade.

israelisrael 2 israel 3 israel 5 israel 6


Irina Kondratieva PhD plies her sadism at the Moscow State University. For 30 years, this vivisector has maimed and murdered thousands of animals from rats to rabbits, and many other species.

moscow 1moscow 2 moscow 3 Irina Kondratieva moscow 4


1, 2, 3, 4! A vivisector lives nextdoor! 5, 6, 7, 8, hide your dogs and lock your gates!” Today we visited our local vivisector Marilyn Carroll’s neighborhhood to let her know we are still here. She can’t hide in her million dollar lakeside home bought with blood money from her labs. Kudos to those who didn’t let unconstitutional ordinances or cold, snowy weather stop them from being a voice for those Carroll tortures.

marilyn carroll, progress for science, minnesota 1 marilyn carroll, progress for science, minnesota 2 marilyn carroll, progress for science, minnesota


Although Eleventh Hour for Animals announced a number of events in Gainesville and hopes that those abusers were under police protection all day, our real target was cat torturer Kendall Morris of USF. He and UF Vivisector Paul (Hitler) Davenport share a collaborative taxpayer-funded grant awarding each of them over $733,000 annually to sew cats’ mouth shut, put cement in their noses, and induce strokes in them. And this is Morris’ ex son-in-law, Chad, pictured below, who was very forthcoming with lots of useful information. We followed up this meeting with some door-to-door and other community outreach in Plant City.

kendall morris 1 kendall morris 3 kendall morris 5


Parts of this protest organized by No Kill New York was filmed by a documentary producer. 🙂

ANTI-VIVISECTION PROTEST – ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY, NYC 11/14/15 – Today was the first protest at this institution, the conglomerate of Memorial Sloan Kettering and Cornell Medical College. Not many people know that Rockefeller was the individual in the early 20th century that started Big Pharmaceutical – attaching chemicals to natural substances so as to patent them (because natural substances cannot be patented). Subji, William, Raquel, Isis KS, Julie Julie V Fit Andrea, and I came together in an international day of support for Camille Camille A. Marino. She arranged for a film crew and production of a documentary. I hope we did a good job and hope to begin our campaign of awareness in the first vivisection campaign at this location since 1980s when I have heard 300 people put a demonstration on. We were really sad talking about the animals held within the 1% institution right in front of us. Primates and other animals, our research has just begun. Thank you so much to everyone that came at such a short notice.
kate 1 kate 2kate 4 kate and isis - 2 vivisectors


Eleventh Hour for Animals (TEXAS)

“I’m so happy for how the global action went. Mine ended up a two people event, but even there went well. We distributed my material to a few neighbors and posted them all over. In columns, door knobs, etc Got to talk to a couple if neighbors and went around his town and posted all over. Like the local Starbucks and other places… Next week we intend to do much time. I intent to pursue this cause as my main activity, cause I consider it the mother of all causes…I have high hopes and will work diligently until I get to interview one of them.”

brian hermann 2 brian hermann 1a

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