10 comments on “The University of Florida’s Dennis E. Brooks order’s the murder of monkey 44D

  1. Brooks looks like a sadist too.His “experiments” with lasering a sweet monkey’s eyes, can simply not be justified. It is an excuse for sadism and lust for money. I abhor what you do in the name of science..

  2. Fuck you Brooks! Better you than a superior primate any fucking day! In our world, you would pay dearly, lucky you for you that you live in speciesist capitalism, you sick, disturbed, superfluous fuck!

  3. I can’t say I understand what difference it makes how fast the eye cools down from having boiling fluid poured onto it. How relevant is that to anything? Is it not equally relevant to see how fast his testicles cool down if we pour boiling fluid on those? It seems that would be science too….

    • Actually Anna it’s even worse than that. The aquius fluid in his eye was heated quickly by shooting it with a laser beam. 44D endured this for years until the cataracts and blindness rendered hin useless. He was murdered then his eyes were removed for futher study.

  4. This is beyond cruel!!! Dennis Brooks is a man with no conscience or love of animals!! This is horrible! I don’t know how he can sleep at night!!!!

  5. Dennis E. Brooks you are absolutley a sick sadistic FREAK!!! no good use for you on this planet. You look remarkabley just like a perverted peadophile. Animal torturers are sick and we all know that animal abusers go on to be child abusers. Animials who we love are far superior to a useless sicko like you. KARMA!!!

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