5 comments on “The UF Lawsuit Victory: Coming Full Circle

  1. To answer your question…yes, we have noticed and noted what you are doing. We, the general public, continue to start and sign petitions, demonstrate, write letters and try to make as much noise as we can concerning this horrific practice.
    Thank you for what you are doing…we’ve got your back!

    • Thank you, Cherry —

      It means a lot to me to know we’re all in this together for the animals.

  2. it’s good that you are out of jail and not incarcerated. your actions and bravery against a system built of injustice, non-stop violence and greed is to be applauded.

  3. I had no idea such horrific monstrosity of this magnitude was taking place in some of our universities across the nation, especially at the University of Florida! I also believe the general public has absolutely no idea that this takes place. Had it not been for your bravery perhaps none of this would’ve ever come to light! You are to be commended for this!!

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