The Spirit of Der Fuhrer & Dr. Mengele are Alive & Well at UF

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There are hundreds of thousands of federal dollars being funneled into UF for primate-related research, much of which will be discussed in the future. Looking only at the irrefutable public information that demonstrates invasive and horrific experimentation on primates currently underway, one is left to wonder exactly what else is going on behind the walls of this guarded institution. Certainly, transparency has been eliminated from the equation with expedience but the exquisite torture that their victims are forced to endure cannot be concealed entirely.

I. Der Fuhrer & Dr. Ding

Principal Investigator (PI): Mingzhou Ding
Project: Top-Down Control of of Attention
Major Component: Biomedical Engineering
Project Number: R01MH079388-04: $259,528 (FY 2010)

Last year, we published information about part “03” ($260,070 – 2009) of this same federal grant awarded to Dr. Mingzhou Ding to conduct brain-mapping experiments in monkeys. Part of the series published about Ding took an in depth look at the barbaric and sadistic experiments in which he was involved. There was an immediate response issued in the media from University Public Relations Director Janine Sikes decrying our research and claiming that Ding was not an “animal murderer.” He was simply a disinterested third party, a befuddled nerdy professor, sitting at a computer compiling public information. In fact, we subsequently learned that the actual experiments were conducted in New York.

Yet, here we are again. Let’s look at part “04” ($259,528 2010):

This is Dr. Ding doing the same thing as before. The abstract doesn’t go into the specifics of what they are doing with the monkeys since he is focusing on his establishing a way to measure their brainwave output and analyze it. The procedure is the same as before and, based on the proposal, as previously discussed, what is physically done to the monkeys in brain-mapping “research” is implicit in this grant request. He makes no reference to the data being provided by a third party. The proposal implies that his project will generate the output data that they will then analyze. Maybe he will let his grad students cut up animal brains or work with an outside contractor such as an institution in New York. But Mingzhou Ding IS the one asking for the money to do it!

I don’t believe Hitler gassed a single Jew himself! Like Der Fuhrer, Ding is presiding over a holocaust. The blood is on his hands. Ding is guilty.

II. Salemi: Mengele Incarnate

Principal Investigator (PI): Marco Salemi
Project: Viral Evolution in Peropheral Macrophages and Brain During Progression to AIDS
Project Number: 5R01NS063897-02: $711,142 (FY 2010)

Marco Salemi received nearly a quarter million dollars to infect 24 rhesus monkeys with the simian form of AIDS. Since the nonhuman primate version of AIDS is not always lethal as is the human form, he is using a ‘genetically defined’ swarm. Most scientists are pessimistic about ever developing a cure or vaccine for the human virus which is why a lot of money was pulled from AIDS research. It was thought to be unethical to sink money into something that would likely never be cured. But ethics are unilaterally trumped by profits for researchers like Salemi. They simply change the ultimate objective for which they torment their victims (e.g., “we aren’t trying to cure it, we just want to ‘understand’ more and more about how it changes over time”).

Salemi is collecting information about how AIDS destroys the central nervous system over time and can lead to eventual dementia. His team will take biopsies of the brain, basically snips of tissue that they themselves have identified as being unethical in humans. They will also sample from areas that they can pull macrophages from, cells involved in immune responses. This presentation from 2010 discusses six monkeys that Salemi infected and “sacrificed” at various points during the progression of the virus. That is, it is evidence that Salemi is in the business of torturing and murdering monkeys for profit with no benefit to greater public interests.

Like his predecessor, Dr. Josef Mengele, this is simply a sadistic pursuit to satisfy Dr. Marco Salemi’s obscene curiosity and line his pockets with blood money.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I'm betting that someone else is also getting their pockets lined and that these two mutilators have to pay to play. I wonder who it is that receives the grant money in their office prior to disbursment?

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