The Extreme Sociopathy of Marco Salemi

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Monkey Mutilator Marco Salemi
Assistant Professional Professor of Violence, Heartless & Sociopaty: Medicine, Department of Pathology
Phone: (352) 273-9567
2721 NW 10th Court
Apartment 2
Gainesville, FL 32606-5161

This sadistic aberration is awarded over $700,000 annually (through 2010) in tax money to infect dozens of imprisoned macaque monkeys with neuroAIDS, a designer-strain of the AIDS virus that causes damage to the organs, reduces healthy individuals to physically incapacitated beings fated to endure endless series of torturous experiments. And Salemi’s claim to fame is driving primates insane by inducing dementia. It’s enlightening to note that, although he was precluded from infecting human children as his counterpart Josef Mengele did in nearly identical experiments at Auschwitz, Salemi used children tragically born with AIDS to monitor – not intervene or help —  them as their diseases progressed. He heartlessly recorded their deterioration and, as the children suffered he stood bereft of empathy simply noting their torment. And, clearly, upon their deaths, their useless corpses were unceremoniously dismissed… returned to grieving families who’s children, like the monkeys he sickens, mutilates, maims, and murders today, had spent their short time of this planet living in torment — human experiments under the watchful gaze of a violent psychopathic degenerate.   This highly-respected and well-paid sociopath’s reign of terror will end!


2010 – $700,000+ In Our Taxes Funded Degenerate Salemi’s Unconscionable Violent Atrocities 
Project Number: 5R01NS063897-02
2010 NIH Grant: $711,142

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Despite the introduction of highly-active antiretroviral treatment (HAART), the proportion of newly HIV-1 infected patients developing HIV-associated dementia (HAD) is increasing. Currently, there is no effective therapy for HAD. Understanding the evolutionary factors driving the emergence of neurovirulent strains during disease progression is of pivotal importance to develop a realistic model of neuroAIDS. The objectives of the current proposal are to define viral evolutionary steps within the central nervous system (CNS) and select monocyte/macrophages from bone marrow, gut, lung and blood preceding and associated with the onset of neuropathogenesis. The Rhesus macaque model of neuroAIDS will be employed to study the evolution of the viral quasispecies during disease progression and to track SIV-infected macrophage subsets infiltrating the brain. 24 animals will be infected with a genetically-defined viral swarm. Peripheral blood and tissue samples will be collected over time and used for amplification of a 3.3kb fragment, including gp160, nef and 5′ LTR, of the viral genome, as well as some full-length genomes from selected tissues. We will use laser-captured microscopy to isolate viral variants from specific productively infected macrophage in the brain at early and end stage disease. High-resolution phylogenetic, population genetics, and molecular clock algorithms (phylodynamics) will reveal genetic aspects of viral reservoirs linked to the onset of a neuropathogenic infection that have not yet been characterized because of ethical problems associated with tissue sampling in humans. Specific Aim 1 will investigate the evolutionary dynamics of SIV in lymphoid and non- lymphoid tissues during the course of the infection via longitudinal PBMC/tissue macrophages sampling and brain biopsies of monkeys with and without CD8+ T-cell depletion; Specific Aim 2 will identify macrophage subsets involved in brain entry and acting as potential viral reservoirs for brain infection. We will be able to identify tempo and mode of brain infection and evolutionary signatures leading to the emergence of infectious macrophage-tropic quasispecies that could be used to predict and monitor the disease. Equally important is the possibility to use the findings into developing drugs that target macrophage and viral quasispecies associated to neuropathogenesis. Overall, we will compile the most comprehensive database of longitudinal SIV sequences from a variety of tissues to date. The PI, although a new investigator without previous R01 funding, has significant experience in cutting-edge analysis of genetic data, and has assembled a unique and qualified interdisciplinary team to assist in the study. PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: This project on HIV-associated dementia examines the evolution of immunodeficiency viruses in various tissues involved in brain infection. A monkey model of neuroAIDS is used that mimics the course of HIV infection in humans. The result will be a description of the genetic basis for the onset of dementia in patients with AIDS leading the way to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

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  1. let the monkeys live a good life you horeses asses!!! You'll be sorry one day but not as sadly sorry as you make these precious animals every sorry day you live to torture them.

    • marvin purser says:

      Nice going, Blue.
      Animals need more like you.
      No animal needs to be tortured
      to find anything that would help
      a human medically. There are other
      ways to achieve the same results.
      Imagine if he were using the same
      attitude toward human beings.

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