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The Prisoner Project is about incarcerated humans, through their experience, giving a voice to our entombed nonhuman cousins. Danielle Wolfe has been locked in a concrete box for over 2 years with no end in sight. She has not breathed fresh air, has had no physical contact with her loved ones, and knows what it’s like to flirt with insanity due to her intensive confinement. She is now vegan and committed to the struggle for Animal Liberation. Her chilling words now speak for the animals who’s voices have been silenced…

Serving time inside UF

Serving time inside UF

The End

by Danielle Wolf

Another day is done and gone

Some days just seem too long

Look out the window and watch time fly

Time is frozen on the inside

No peace, no quiet, no form of relief

This time will stretch you beyond your belief

Reality comes and reality goes

Where fantasy ends, no body knows

Am I asleep or am I awake?

Is this a dream, or one big mistake?

I look at the friends, I look at the foes

Who’s the real enemy?

Nobody knows

So guard your mouth and guard your tongue

You’ll soon realize real life has begun

No more fantasies, no more dreams

Just sit back and relax while they enjoy your screams

Your fear and your pain is now their true joy

They’ll break you in as their new toy

So close your eyes and pretend

And maybe this life will come to it’s end

4 Responses

  1. nioflorida says:

    Jamie Tarbet Miller:

    “anyone that could do what she has done and is doing should be listened to. She is a remarkable human being that we need more of on this earth.”

  2. nioflorida says:

    Dee Smith:

    “Danielle Wolfe, I hope that you will hang in there as you are exactly what this world needs more of, you are a WARRIOR, a BRAVE and COMMENDABLE WARRIOR!! I love that you went Vegan and are bringing awareness from where you are to many and you are making a difference. I would like to personally THANK YOU for all you are doing and the impact you are having whether you realize it or not! I commend you for your actions and admire what an upstanding and caring individual you are. Hang in there… they can’t keep you forever, and you’re voice is being HEARD all over the world!! Thank you. Take care and never let the subhuman force get you down, you are indeed a HERO. Dee*’

  3. Florence Eaise says:

    Danielle our word are beautifully haunting and i can see the corelation between how YOU feel in your situation and how animals feel in their situation BOTH are in prisons and BOTH are in hell
    you are truly a brave woman please stay strong because we NEED people like YOU Danielle people who REALLY get what these animals are going threw KNOW that YOU are making a difference and more importantly KNOW that YOU are LOVED stay strong sister we are with you

  4. donna wilson says:

    this is sickening,,torture the people who do this!!!!

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