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Editorial Note: It is unclear to us why UF paid the Florida Legislature to have the laws changed in Florida to conceal the identities of their researchers. NIO believes that if you are going to torture animals for a living, then stand up and be proud, and let us admire your work!

Nazi Roxanne Werner

Roxanne Janiak-Werner & family


Roxanne Janiak-Werner is UF’s “primate expert” inside their dungeons. In many cases, the vivisectors collecting grant money for torturing their imprisoned monkeys will never even see their victim; most responsibilities fall to their second-in-command, in this case, Roxanne.

She is responsible for drugging the monkeys, extracting them from their squeeze cages, and hiding them in a box so as to avoid detection as she transports their limp bodies from room to room where they endure specialized torture regimens.

She is also the chief person responsible, although not the only person by any means, for “dosing” the monkeys with an assortment of poisons, chemicals, and parasites.

Her official title is “lab tech.” She lives in the city of Newberry in Alachua County.

For further info about her friends and family, click HERE.

It is unclear whether the following image is an earlier image of Roxanne Janiak-Werner or simply a relative also named “Roxanne Werner” who shares her passion for enslaving and torturing monkeys.

in this picture she quips: "bad hair day but it kinda matches monkeys hair too?! at least I think so!"

in this picture she quips: “bad hair day but it kinda matches monkeys hair too?!
at least I think so!”



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