UF Monkeys Get National Attn at Veggie Pride Parade in NY & Dual Demos in FL

Sunday, March 30 was a huge day for the monkeys enslaved inside the University of Florida. Two days earlier, Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a third federal complaint, this time for Booger, a sick, infected, and compromised macaque who was just approved for three more years of torture inside UF simply because the funding was available to do so. And despite a University-of-Florida-initiated media blackout in Gainesville to keep their crimes hidden from the public, activists are stepping up in greater numbers to make sure the world learns of the taxpayer-funded atrocities thriving in their dungeons.

Veggie Pride – New York

Free the UF Monkeys – Jacksonville

Lisa Grossman at the Jax protest reports:

“We got quite a bit of support, got some flyers out (with the incredible new complaint by Eleventh Hour for Animals attached), got NO finger flipping us off , and talked about UF with a couple pedestrians. A reporter for the University of North Florida’s newspaper came by and interviewed us. http://unfspinnaker.com/ While I was being taped, Cathy confronted