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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Breaking: Fed’l Complaint Cites Negligence & Corruption in UF/Michael J. Fox Monkey Study


FEBRUARY 14, 2014


Moments ago, Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a second federal complaint with the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act citing a culture of corruption inside the University of Florida and a companion culture of negligence that permeates their nonhuman primate experimentation program. The complaint filed by the group’s founder, Camille A. Marino, relates solely to a 6-monkey “research” study funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation, the shocking details of which we reported days ago. Among the documented violations: the “scientific” rationale offered by UF for the torment visited on six macaques was simply that the Fox Foundation was willing to give them the money to do so when they couldn’t find funding elsewhere; there are up to 5-month lapses where some of the monkeys were neither monitored nor was any care whatsoever recorded; and they actually LOST a monkey.

Michael J. Fox Foundation Funds Junk Science: 6 Monkeys Tortured to Death Inside UF for Profit

The Michael J. Fox foundation wholly funded a study in which six macaque monkeys were bought, imprisoned, and tortured inside the University of Florida, allegedly in the pursuit of a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. It is interesting to note, however, that in the Protocol (i.e., the business plan that governs how the torture will be funded), the principle investigator, vivisector Ronald Mandel, states that the alleged “research” is considered so scientifically invalid and useless that it “has lead to large grants being rejected from other groups…” Apparently without doing much research themselves, however, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, provided the money to the vivisectors to determine if a drug called doxycycline will penetrate the blood/brain barrier in primates. Vivisector Mandel goes a little further to confirm that this is an exercise in lucrative junk science when he states that “there is no therapeutic reason to give dox to humans!”

These facts may account for some of the reason why the University of Florida has been less than anxious to make this information public and why Eleventh Hour for Animals has repeatedly had to sue them over the past four years to compel full disclosure of their crimes. And against this back drop of admitted junk science, for which they cannot get funding elsewhere, and which has absolutely no therapeutic application for humans whatsoever, the Michael J. Fox Foundation wrote UF a blank check to go find and torture six innocent macaques. According to the plan, they would be turned into drug addicts by repeatedly being given ever-increasing doses of

Update: Michael J. Fox Foundation Remains Complicit in UF Monkey Torture

Everyone associated with this campaign has nothing but love, admiration, and sympathy for Michael J. Fox. We wanted to believe that he was unaware of the horrors he was funding inside the University of Florida. And we want nothing more than for him to be whole and well, but not at the expense of the monkeys. Eleventh Hour followed up our campaign to raise awareness about the Fox Foundation by contacting their directors last night. We now know that the Michael J. Fox Foundation understands exactly how their money is being used and they understand the consequences of their continued association with UF. This morning we received a canned email with links espousing the benefits of the various animal torture projects they are funding. So, at this point, we need to be absolutely clear that the University of Florida is about to be dragged through the courts, the media, and the court of public opinion for systemic incompetence, negligence, and failing to use available alternatives. And we have no compunction about dragging the Michael J. Fox Foundation, or any other entity that remains complicit in their crimes, along with them.

Dear Directors of the Michael J. Fox Foundation:

As you are well aware by now, our group, Eleventh Hour for Animals, has identified your foundation as the sole party funding horrendous and inexcusable experiments at the University of Florida. Personally, I grew up with Michael J. Fox and wish him only health and happiness, but not at the expense of innocent monkeys. And while I would hope that you would choose to finance alternative, scientifically-valid research, your foundation is not the target of our campaign.

We simply hope that you will sever all ties with the University of Florida immediately, before our expose on your project is released within


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