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UF Public Relations Director Janine Sikes

by NIO Florida

In response to the systematic blackening of all transparency in conjunction with a stonewall of silence constructed by the animal-murdering administration at the University of Florida over the last year and a half, we decided that it is time to take the facts directly to the global network of their Alumni Association… the “Gator Nation.” Upon initiating this prong of the campaign several weeks ago, an ally within the administration forwarded to us a letter from Public Relations Shill Janine Sikes that was immediately sent to Gator Clubs warning of NIO extremists.

After an intensified round of “Seasons Greetings” calls from activists to the Executive Director of the Alumni Association as well as other key targets this afternoon, we learned that there is a bit of “unrest” within UF about having their crimes against animals,untruths, and the seemingly-fraudulent grants filling their coffers exposed to their benefactors. Because of the current atmosphere at the university as well as the fact that we will be in a position to document and refute a number of Sike’s deliberate inaccuracies shortly, our comrade has now given us permission to publish the letter that follows below.

We tried to reach Sikes for comment today but she’s enjoying a relaxing Christmas vacation paid for with the blood of enslaved and tortured animals. Merry Christmas, Janine… there’s much more where this came from.

It’s been a long and arduous battle thus far…. And, as long as UF continues to wage war on their laboratory victims, this campaign is about to get a whole lot more personal…

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun)

An animal rights activist has been charged with trespassing in a University of Florida building where she allegedly posted fliers offering a reward for information about students who experiment on animals.

Lisa Ann Grossman, 50, of Jacksonville, had been issued a trespass warning for a protest in December inside a fundraiser at UF’s Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The warning barred Grossman, a member of the animal rights group Negotiation is Over, from the UF campus for three years.

She is accused of violating that warning July 9 by entering the UF Cancer/Genetics Research Complex to post about 100 fliers. The fliers offer $100 in cash for personal information such as the name, picture, address or phone number of any student learning to experiment with animals.

The State Attorney’s Office last week filed a trespassing charge against Grossman. The second-degree misdemeanor is punishable by as many as 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Grossman couldn’t be reached for comment Monday.

UF police allege that someone let Grossman into the locked cancer and genetics building to post the fliers. A Health Science Center official subsequently warned employees against admitting strangers to locked facilities and encouraged them to contact police to report suspicious persons.

Negotiation is Over previously has put the addresses and phone numbers of UF faculty researchers on its website over claims they conducted animal research. The website describes a campaign involving students as a way to show them that animal research can result in “car bombs, 24/7 security cameras, embarrassing home demonstrations, threats, injuries, and fear.”