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Former Gator Supporter Joins Efforts to Free the UF Monkeys


In Bob Heisler’s words:

“I recently moved to Saint Augustine from Gainesville where I was a Gators fan. I decided to switch my allegiance to Flagler College Athletics because of logistics and the fact that as an animal rights activist I recently discovered that the University of Florida conducts a massive amount of very cruel and unnecessary laboratory experiments on thousands of animals, including about 250 dogs, at taxpayer expense.

I was scouting out the Flagler sports venues one day when I poked my head in the door at the Flagler College Gymnasium. I was greeted by basketball coach Bo Clark himself who gave me a schedule and invited me to the game that night. I vividly remember Bo from his playing days at the University of Central Florida where he was a

ACTION ALERT: Get the London Gators kicked out of Marlyebone Sports Bar

Last year, with help from our friends in the UK, the London Gator Club was kicked out of the Jetlag Bar for their support of monkey torture at the University of Florida.

And now, according to their facebook page, it appears the London Gators have found a new home and they are expecting a nice turnout at tonight’s festivities:

Hey Gators! Who else will be attending this week? I know we usually get last-minute additions but we’re trying to move upstairs if we have as big a crowd as last week. Also, can someone put me in touch with the professor who brought 15-20 fans with him/her? Thanks!! read more

More alumni publicly denounce the University of Florida

by NIO Florida

I, Joanie Laskey, publicly denounce the University of Florida and the barbaric primate experiments from which they continue to profit.

I, Sean Maroney, publicly denounce the University of Florida and the barbaric primate experiments from which they continue to profit.

Letter from Inside UF: Janine Sikes Warns Alumni of Anti-Vivisection Extremists

UF Public Relations Director Janine Sikes

by NIO Florida

In response to the systematic blackening of all transparency in conjunction with a stonewall of silence constructed by the animal-murdering administration at the University of Florida over the last year and a half, we decided that it is time to take the facts directly to the global network of their Alumni Association… the “Gator Nation.” Upon initiating this prong of the campaign several weeks ago, an ally within the administration forwarded to us a letter from Public Relations Shill Janine Sikes that was immediately sent to Gator Clubs warning of NIO extremists. read more


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