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by NIO Florida

Monkey 55D was named Little Girl by those responsible for her ten years of agony. Girl monkeys are rarely used and 55D suffered from the pain and misery that only a female being could. For the last three of her ten years at the hands of the evil Dennis Brooks, 55D was made to endure horrific “ophthalmology” experiments while Brooks knew she was suffering terribly from the endometriosis progressing through her little body.  The final pathology after 55D’s murder:

HISTORY: Pelvic mass and reproductive abnormalities.

GROSS: Caudal abdominal adhesions widespread around uterus and urinary bladder.

MICROSCOPIC: Endometriosis, abdomen focally severe

Endometriosis fiber start in the uterus but left untreated can travel the rest of the body abnormally joining organs. During menstruation, endometriosis fibers cause pain wherever they are located.

View her records HERE.

As with other victims languishing in the UF dungeons of Dennis E. Brooks, monkey 55D was tortured daily. Shortly after her arrival from a Puerto Rican “monkey mill,” her left leg and right side of her head were shaved for easy access for injections and eye exams. For one of several studies 55D was used for, her daily routine consisted of being compressed in her tiny cage, injected with Ketamine and transported to another UF building. Sometimes the 3 pound female primate was just “knocked down” with the Ketamine before having her eye sockets forced open with ocular spreaders for study. Many other times she was intubated for anesthesia and put on a respirator. Her day often included being catheterized just to avoid messy urine getting in the way. Prior to examinations, 55D endured humiliating vaginal and rectal swabbing.

Professor Brooks was able to come up with more sadistic tests to perform on primates’ eyes causing severe pain, cataracts and lesions of the eyes.  Poor little 55D, an innocent prisoner and someone’s daughter, suffered through several such experiments all the while suffering through constant pelvic, abdominal and uterine pain that was recorded yet not treated, for the last three years of her life.

HRT: Heidelberg Retina Tomograph. With her eye forced open, a laser beam is used to scan the entire eye.

PERG: Pattern Electroretinogram. 55D, by now a Katamine addict like all of Brooks’ prisoners, had her eyes spread open  while he actually attached several electrodes to her eyeball and surrounding skin- aided by the side of her head being shaved upon arrival. The reason for what transpires next is is known only to the twisted mind of Dennis E Brooks. An unknown amount of voltage is run through the electrodes and into 55D’s eyes while flashes light flood her face.

Fluorescein Angiography: 55D was also injected straight into her eye on many many occasions as this was the main test she was used for. A fluorescent dye, commonly known as D&C Yellow #8, is injected into the retina to examine circulation. With her eyes still spread open, Brooks’ team shines a light in her eyes and takes picture. Each time this is done, 55D is intibated, on a respirator and catheterized.

The University of Florida willingly employs yet another psychopath and serial killer whom they let live out his sadistic fantasies while they all pocket some of the funds. Non-animal skin and eye experiment alternatives are among the most available. Brooks once again declined any treatment for endometriosis for 55d and ordered her murder ten years after her arrival to the UF hellhole.