Tactics, Strategies & Approaches for Back-to-School

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Training Tool: Leaflets & leafleting ideas for back-to-school

Following is an outline that will be addressed at “Session 1” on Saturday. In our continuing efforts to organize ourselves, we strongly advise all NIO activists engaged in the War on Students to familiarize yourselves with our training tools and ideas for practical implementation of this campaign. We welcome questions and ideas and, we hope, that as the weeks ahead of us elapse, we will all be clear and focused about how to proceed.


1. The first days and weeks of school are about introducing ourselves and making it clear that animal torture is no longer an acceptable part of ANY curriculum. Through mass canvassing efforts, we will find students who are sympathetic to animal liberation and we must find those students who simply need cash. The student body must be penetrated successfully to open up viable avenues of information from inside these institutions of higher torture.

2. Then we can eliminate vivisectors before they’re “born.” We must subvert their loyalties. From their first biology class, they will now be educated with the realities of what their futures hold should they make the wrong choice now. We want them to change their plans and stay safe. We will provide tools & alternatives and equip them choose wisely in the midst of their indoctrination at the mercy of c0rrupt & sadistic professors with an agenda.

3. After classes are in session, community outreach must begin: single out professors, vivisectors and students for home demos, infiltrations and actions. The local property appraiser’s website and Google Maps in satellite mode will be most valuable for recon for home demos. This educational effort is designed to assist those who are having difficulty making the correct and compassionate choice.

Tactics, Strategies & Approaches

I. Decide on your target NOW long before fall classes start.

a. Choose a place that has undergraduates who are mostly 18-20.
b. Choose a place close by so you can be consistently active there throughout the school year.
c. Find their website – it’s the most valuable tool you’ll use to find targets/events for actions.

II. Study the target’s website and search it daily to get to know the pages.

a. Find the undergraduate course catalog and the campus map.
b. Find the alumni, calendar of events and email contact pages.
c. Find student organizations, football team, welcome parties in the evening of first day.
d. Sign up for organization you can afford; alumni (about $40) fund torture so plan to be at their events.
e. Get a school ball cap to blend in. With sunglasses to hide age, you’ll be surprise on how far you get.

III. Locate buildings where undergraduates’ Biology classes and labs are held – usually 2 different places. (Life Sciences Biology, Microbiology, etc may all be in different buildings- locate all on the campus map.)

a. On the campus map, are there dedicated or close by parking for the classes? Gathering plazas?
b. Locate where you can park without consequence. Search parkonthefly.com- less than $1 per hr parking.
c. Note the difference between campus property and city property.

IV. Recon in person. Except parking, you’re allowed to be there- no cop be on duty in your head to scare you.

a. Go to the buildings that you found on the campus map containing the classes you found in the catalogue.
b. Note places where you can leaflet, hold sign/bullhorn demo, teacher parking, and /or talk to students at lunch.
c. Go in the building and note places to leave stacks of leaflets.
d. Practice all arrival activities; find safe parking, distance to carry signs, places you will stand or walk, etc.
e. Note secondary demo place to move to, like public sidewalk, if you’re asked to leave.

V. Set times and dates, print leaflets, ACTION.

a. Be set up and ready to begin your action 30 min. prior to class starting. Stay till after the class. Several classes may come and go through the day in that location. 1st and 2nd days of school, stay for all classes!
b. Get as many leaflets in student hands as possible. They allow your voice to be heard for hours after you’re gone. Go to lunch with them after the last morning class.
c. New NIO strategy: Decorate leaflets in a scroll or envelope. 99% of the people will take something that looks like a gift or gives a free bee. Wrap scrolls with a crazy band or put stickers on envelopes. We carry them in present bags with school colors and people love us.
d. Get as much attention as possible if you’re moved to a sidewalk. Make noise, yell main points like You can refuse to dissect, they have to let you! Professors lie, you WILL have to kill animals! Chose the right major now! NIO will tell your neighbors if you hurt any animal! Turn in your professors to US!


Follow the campaign against animal experimentation at the University of Florida HERE.

Keep up to date on “The War on Vivisection Students” HERE.

If you would like to submit an article for consideration, send a note to camille@negotiationisover.com.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. There is no intent, express or implied, to promote illegal activities. We assume no liability for the potential actions of any third party. All data compiled here has been gathered from, and is available through, independent public sources.

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