Support Camille by boycotting the University of Florida

Negotiation is Over - Florida

by NIO Florida

On February 4th 2012, the University of Florida orchestrated the arrests of Lisa Grossman and Camille Marino during an energetic protest at their formal alumni celebration, Gator Gala. It is important to note that none of the other 30 activists present were isolated by police. This is because since winning our lawsuit on December 30th 2011, we have systematically exposed the horrors to which they subject innocent monkeys. Throughout January 2012 we realized quantifiable gains weekly, initiated a global campaign against UF, damaging their reputation and funding on countless fronts. Our staged arrests were a blatant attempt to shut down NIO Florida and stop the bleeding.

Unfortunately for them, while Marino has remained incarcerated since February 4th, an angry, mobilized community of activists have come together to intensify the pressure on UF. Over the past 2 weeks our Boycott the University of Florida Campaign has gained 12,000 supporters. Please sign the growing petition here.

From jail, Camille is urging everyone to support her by focusing their attention on the monkeys imprisoned at UF. Every activist must commit to stop enrollment at UF until the monkeys are liberated and primate experimentation is banned. We need every activist in the states and abroad to intervene. Explain to prospective college students and their families that if they apply to the University of Florida, they will be complicit in funding heinous monkey torture. We need to understand that if we as a global community focus our energy on boycotting this one university, we can shut them down if they refuse to stop animal experimentation. Our success here will prove to have devastating consequences for the vivisection industry in every university throughout this country.

Animal liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits.

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  1. Ann W. Parkes says:

    This Boycott UF Petition reached the 10,000 signature target in 10 days via ferocious posting and cross posting. It now stands at over 12,000 signatures, although not being actively ‘pushed’ in recent days, due to other issues we wished to concentrate on. However, this petition will easily reach, and probably exceed 15,000 signatures by further sharing and posting to identified groups and individuals. I have to say here that, in one 24hr period alone, 3,000 people signed this petition.

    The penultimate sentence in the above article states that “our success will have devastating consequences for the vivisection industry in every university throughout this country (US).”

    I would go further. This petition will have devastating consequences for the vivisection industry globally, Not only making people aware of the atoricites that occur on a daily basis. But singling out those whose criminal and sadistic activities have, up until now, been shielded by a wall of secrecy. The wall is coming down. The Criminals will be identifield, reviled and acknowledged for the war criminals they are! They have been instrumental in this Holocaust against innocent creatures – it’s time for them to pay!

  2. Teri Stephenson says:

    please add my name to the petition…ty

  3. Genny says:

    I thought we were in the 21st C and we as the human species should have come further than this where we no longer need to experiment on animals of any kind, especially when we know it is the same old experiments over and over. Why does a Uni need to do this?
    Shame on you! Go test on yourselves. Oh, thats not ethical. Ethical…….. I don’t believe it is ethical to test on any living thing that has the capacity to suffer, no matter how far down the food chain it might be.

  4. helen howard says:

    I detect both humor and sarcasm in the report above. These two things have no place here in the effort to have these horrible torture pracitses abolished.I am of the opinon that this is one of the worst things man does to innocent animals,and that they continue to abuse and torture the same animal over and over, is terrible. These men and women then go home to their husbands/wives and kids and have dinner while their victims languish in pain and fear of hearing their footsteps approaching them again. How do you do that and then sleep at night ???

  5. M Belanger says:

    “What the hell is wrong with people? In schools and nationwide there needs to be education on how to treat “all living beings both people and animals” w/ kindness, respect and dignity. Humanity is forgotten and jaded because of the lies from the media and hype that animals should be used for entertainment. Vivisection, lab testing, hurting, torturing, starving, neglecting animals is all passed down from phone apps, violent video games, violent torture movies, negative liturature, advertising and people who were never taught themselves. It is a pathetic excuse to see it and not do anything about it. If you witness animal cruelty and don’t do anything about it then in essence …. you are condoning it. Please speak up to end this torturous abusive cruelty and murder and make it so, people are behind bars. If you yourself have a problem respecting animals and living beings or you know someone who does …. seek help immediately. There is plenty of free counseling, hotlines where caring volunteers and professionals can help, offer advice … and you can even call annomousely to help others and yourself. Lets start teaching youth and adults who don’t have it right to learn to respect animals. Don’t support Vivisection. It is murder!!! Please by cruelty free products not tested on animals and beware of ” finished product not tested on animals” labels. Let’s learn to live cruelty free and educate ourselves and others to do so as well.” From: The creator of Stop Animal Suffering Worldwide on facebook- Please join my site and like in fighting for the rights of animals at:

  6. fatima says:

    University of Florida, stop with this cruelty now!!!

  7. Please stop this abuse, torture and killing of animals. All creatures great and small the Lord God loves them all. God created them, had Adam name them and they are important in his creation. They were created to be with us and for us to treat them with respect and not to harm them all in the name of research. We will be judged for hurting animal and humans, please stop this type of testing and research, Martha Highfill.

  8. John Everyman says:

    Terrorists Camille Marino and Lisa Grossman belong in prison.

    Die in a cage you criminals.

    • Carol says:

      Terrorists? Camille and Lisa? And you gave them your email address?

      I agree with Annie’s last sentence.

  9. Annie says:

    The only ones dying in cages are the innocents that the abusers and vivisectors torment and slaughter. You are obviously either one of them – or a wannabee. Either way, your sociopathic attitude is showing.

    Read all the documentation and then decide who the criminals are. Any right-minded person will agree it’s the animal abuse extremists. Obviously you are not a right-minded person. Go fuck yourself!

  10. Carol says:

    These people are psychopaths; they feel no pity for their victims and feel no remorse at the atrocities they inflict on them. Legalised torture inflicted on sentient beings by psychopaths…. what a screwed up so-called civilised society we live in!

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