Sunday at Salemi’s: Your Neighbor Tortures Monkeys for Money

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Marco Salemi: 2721 NW 104th Court, Gainesville 32606

Today we paid a surprise visit to the quiet enclave that Monkey Murderer Marco Salemi calls home. We spoke to dozens of concerned neighbors who had no idea about the monster that lives among them. Almost without exception, people were horrified at Salemi’s unbridled violent propensities and appalled that their tax money funds his degeneracy. Anxious to get involved, we promised many of his neighbors that we would follow up shortly with specific actions that each may take.

Salemi’s car (J63 2YB) was parked in front of his house.
As we canvassed his street, we were able to unite one caregiver with her little 4-year old terrier that was lost. We didn’t get a picture of the dog, but his human companion was most grateful for all of the information and the return of her beloved family member.
All of his neighbors now have a face to associate with his crimes.

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