Silver River Macaques – Press Release

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Silver River Macaques – pr
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gainsville, Florida Feb 20, 2015

Graham McGeorge has spent the last five years photographing a feral colony of Rhesus Macaques, a type of monkey, along the Silver River in Ocala, Forida. And now he has spent the last few weeks looking for answers. On January 31, 2015 McGeorge came across a monkey wearing a tight, strange looking collar.

The collar appeared to have rubbed the monkey’s neck raw, and the monkey appeared distressed. McGeorge immediately contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife to report the situation. He has received conflicting information about what happened next.

Due to this confusion, Negotiation Is Over (NIO), a Florida animals rights organization, has made a request for information from the University of Florida pursuant to the Florida “Sunshine Law.” NIO hopes this information request will provide answers.

The University has acknowledged receiving the request, but has not yet provided any information.

Contact: Karen Kline

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