Saturday, May 31 – Banners & Bullhorns

Negotiation is Over - Florida

banners & bullhorns

Date: May 31 (postponed from the original May 24 date)
Time: 1 – 2:00 pm

Location Undisclosed
(To join us & aggressively exercise our First Amendment rights for the animals, call Camille at (352) 396-4767)

On May 31 at 12 pm, Eleventh Hour returns to Gainesville and resumes our expanding campaign to shut down the lucrative vivisection industry inside the University of Florida.

By the time we re-emerge on the ground, we will have released new information about the unconscionable and horrific pain experiments being conducted on horses and dogs. Our efforts will continue to focus on the monkeys for the immediate future, while we hand out literature about the full scope of atrocities and crimes being committed against animals with taxpayer dollars.

While Eleventh Hour for Animals focuses on building a base of support online and on the ground, we will continue to hold the guilty accountable… and we will never back down until they stop the killing!

As of January 27, there were 14 monkeys left in UF’s dungeons and we will be watching this number very closely. While it is our goal to get every single survivor out of there alive, we have no intention of congratulating vivisectors for benevolently releasing one of their victims while imprisoning a dozen more to take their place as others in this movement are content to do.

We want nothing less than Total Animal Liberation…

and, in Walter Bond’s words… “whatever it may take!”


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