Request for Information on Your Captive Primates

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Subject: Public Records Request
From: “Sikes, Janine” (jysikes@UFL.EDU)
Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2010 3:02 pm
To: “” (

Dear Ms. Marino:

Your public records request was forwarded to me. I will work with the appropriate departments to obtain the records you seek. Should there be any costs associated with producing these records, we will provide you with an estimate in advance. Payment must be received before the records are produced.


Janine Sikes
Director of Public Affairs
University Relations
University of Florida
101 Tigert Hall
Office: 352-846-3903/06
Cell: 352-214-6807


From: “Camille Marino” (
Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2010 12:19 am
To: “Brandi Boniface” (

Brandi Boniface
Assistant Director
Office of Research
University of Florida
Grinter Hall
PO Box 115500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500

Dear Ms. Boniface:

Pursuant to the state open records law, Fla. Stat. Secs. 119.01 to 119.15, I write to request access to and a copy of records for the 33 non-human primates documented in the latest USDA Inspection Report at UF dated November 25, 2009. I am requesting information on each of these animals including the species, sex, identification number, name (if applicable), and date of birth, the veterinary records maintained throughout each experiment, an explanation of the disposition of any of the 33 non-human primates that have since been retired or otherwise disposed of, the manner in which they may have died, and a picture or video of each animal. If your agency does not maintain these public records, please let me know who does and include the proper custodian’s name and address.

I am seeking this information for publication and broadcast to the general public.

I agree to pay any reasonable copying and postage fees of not more than $20. If the cost would be greater than this amount, please notify me. Please provide a receipt indicating the charges for each document.

I would request your response within ten (10) business days.

If you choose to deny this request, please provide a written explanation for the denial including a reference to the specific statutory exemption(s) upon which you rely. Also, please provide all segregable portions of otherwise exempt material.

Please be advised that I am prepared to pursue whatever legal remedy necessary to obtain access to the requested records. I would note that willful violation of the open records law can result in your being fined up to $1,000, imprisoned for up to one year, or both. See Fla. Stat. Sec. 119.10. Litigation costs and attorney fees may also be awarded. See Sec. 119.12.

Thank you for your assistance.


Camille A. Marino

Wildwood, FL 34785
(352) 396-4132

2 Responses

  1. Virginia says:

    Why should anyone have to pay for public records? They can be emailed for free.

  2. NIO Florida says:

    We know they are going to make this as difficult as possible and are expecting some exorbitant price tag to be attached. But that's a very good point. I was going to volunteer to do the photocopying and take pictures myself. Email would save us all a lot of time and energy.I'm wondering how we know that they're not doctoring the records while we wait.

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