Re-Education 101

Negotiation is Over - Florida

click image to enlarge and print flyer

The fall semester resumes from August 22 through September 4 at universities across the country.

All activists are encouraged to download this flyer and begin the re-education process immediately.

Vivisectors have enjoyed an unimpeded reign of terror for far too long.

NOW is the time to ratchet up out tactics…

Some suggestions to get started: students began moving into their campus apartments here on the August 17th. Welcome students as they continue to trickle in over the next two weeks…. Place bounties on student abusers… Show up on the first day of school… Encourage students to free the lab animals… Blend in with the crowds and slip into their classrooms. Get as much information as possible and leave one flyer as a calling card.

Doing nothing is NOT an option!

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