One comment on “Public Backlash Against UF Over Animals Begins

  1. … yes we are still here – yes … the false question of animal research – yes it is fraud – yes … to repeat the word yes / yes yes / yes / – fraud – polio & penicillin – yes / yes – the public – ok there are those who could not realize th@ they … should care – there are also those who have no idea – th@ & what the repercussions of the big lie of I R A Q … is. the factory farm (& it ain’t no farm) – it is purple/blue/Red Blood – gushing – family members murdered. hey people – get your mind right. i am not a preacher – i am just a human … * Note – if you need to look for subversion – fascist capitalism – congressional carpetbagging – (this old hat as been worn forevr) – go look for the Farm Bill – it is totally hidden – totally demonic … quote being – “oh he (she) is just an anti whatever” the old story of fascism – of capitalistic carpetbagging. the monkeys Do Not – & the other creatures Do Not deserve incarceration – to put it mildly. I R A Q – is a shame on a nation just as hiroshima – … this country fell from … it’s original … G R A C E. what is …where is …

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