Protest UF on Jan. 25: No More Primate Testing/Release the Monkeys to Sanctuaries

Negotiation is Over - Florida


Saturday Jan 25th
at the corner of University Blvd and 13th St. (the hotel corner)

Signs and literature provided, but feel free to make your own!

Join us for another peaceful protest to tell the University of Florida and taxpayers to stop archaic primate testing and send all monkeys to sanctuaries. Sure, we all love the UF Gators! But while the rest of the world continues to ban many or all forms of animal testing, UF continues to torture the innocent. Please lend your voice and tell UF free the monkeys, get them to sanctuaries and insist they end primate testing!

The primates UF tortures arrive at their labs as children 2-4 yrs old ripped from their moms in the wild and are used in experiments – often shared back and forth between vivisecters – for up to 10 yrs each. Primates are imprisoned in the UF labs, poisoned, sickened, and killed when alternatives are available. Among 1000s of other animals, more than 200 are forced to endure painful experiments without anesthesia. UF has lost 2 lawsuits to animal rights activists and the vet records of agony and torture have been made public- and a federal investigation has been called for at UF for an especially heinous treatment of a young primate. As shown in the picture for this event, the University of Florida is also doing ancient experiments on horses, dogs and cats. The reference to Column D and Column E shows who’s being tortured and enduring serious pain. Column E indicates those specifically being denied pain relieve for the sake of the experiments.

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  1. otis henry says:

    … bravo & solidarity. “here’s hoping” – “here’s praying” th@ all citizens able to attend – all media as well ! Will Attend. the creatures need our help – our “human language” to express their torment & imprisonment within such an archaic industry. our thanks & admiration towards the organizers ! here’s hopin’ for a full house. peacefully projected for all to see.

  2. Eleventh Hour says:

    Thanks Otis. We’re hoping to have a good turnout with support from some of the big AR orgs. 🙂

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