Preliminary Events for the Nov. 15 Global Action: “The Vivisector Next Door”

Negotiation is Over - Florida


Captive primate is tattooed by a UF Nazi. (image obtained via first successful lawsuit, Camille A. Marino v University of Florida, Dec. 30, 2011)

As of this morning, we have about 20 actions scheduled around the world, in 7 countries and on 3 continents, against vivisectors. We are taking our campaigns to their doorsteps. At one time, I would have said I envision anarchy in the streets. These days, I envision the Nov. 15 action being the seed that will grow into dozens of targeted, focused and comprehensive campaigns against vivisectors that make their lives almost as unbearable as their victims!!!

In addition to a number of actions at the homes of vivisectors who will remain unidentified, we expect persons involved with HLS, Charles River, Liberty Research and, possibly, Marshall Farms, to get some friendly visits. The published actions, however, currently include:

PROGRESS FOR SCIENCE: Neighborhood Outreach in the Community of the lovely Dr. Marylin Carroll

marilyn carroll“In conjunction with the global “Vivisector Next Door” Day, organized by Eleventh Hour for Animals, Progress For Science will take part in an outreach event in Dr. Marilyn Carroll’s neighborhood.

For 30 years, Carroll has conducted tax-payer funded drug addiction studies on primates, rats, and mice.

For nearly as long, activists have protested her work and been told they are not welcome in her neighborhood. Well, “WE’RE BACK” and ready to use our first amendment rights to educate the public about Carroll’s 30 years of cruelty.

We will meet at the following address (in front of Walgreens) promptly at 11:30 am and make our way from there: 915 Wildwood Rd. in White Bear Lake, MN 55115

IMPORTANT: More details about the event will unfold as we assess how many people are coming. If you have questions, email”


THE MONKEY STRUGGLE IN ISRAEL visits the Mazor Concentration Camp

monkey struggle.jpg

מאבק הקופים מזמין אתכם לקחת חלק במחאה העולמית כנגד ניסויים בבע”ח”.
אקטיביסטים מרחבי העולם פועלים באופן משותף ומתואם ומוחים כנגד הניסויים.
ביום שבת ה-15 בנובמבר ,
מאבק הקופים בשיתוף עם מארגני המחאה העולמית עם מרכזת המחאה Camille A. Marino מזמינים אתכם להשתתףולייצג את הקול הישראלי בתמיכה במחאה העולמית.

אנחנו מתכונים להפגין מול חוות מזור מעוז הסחר בקופים הנסחרים למעבדות הניסויים.

לדף האירוע העולמי :

ELEVENTH HOUR FOR ANIMALS (Central Florida) visits the University of Florida Torture Team

roxanne janiek warner

Roxanne Janiek Warner
27328 SW 30th Ave.
Newberry, FL 32669

She is responsible for drugging the monkeys, extracting them from their squeeze cages, and hiding them in a box so as to avoid detection as she transports their limp bodies from room to room where they endure specialized torture regimens.

She is also the chief person responsible, although not the only person by any means, for “dosing” the monkeys with an assortment of poisons, chemicals, and parasites.


Paul (Hitler) Davenport
7728 SW 90th Lane
Gainesville, FL 32608

The NIH is awarding Paul W. Davenport $733,292 annually under Project No. 5R01HL109025-03 to torture cats, which includes shoving dental cement in their noses and under their tongues, sewing their mouths shut, replacing their blood with saline solution to kill them slowly, and sawing off their skull caps to play with their brains.


Raymond J. Bergeron
6220 NW 56TH Lane
Gainesville, FL 32653-3117

Bergeron is rather eclectic in his torture regimens. He seems to enjoy the pain he has been inflicting for decades on everything from mice to monkeys who were stolen from their mothers in the jungles of Guyana and Puerto Rico and landed in his sadistic hands. He has forcefed them poison and heavy metals, and gets kickbacks from Proctor & Gamble as well as wealthy alumni. Even his colleagues call him a “bastard.”
nio small

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