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Paws for the News – News Team is bringing this to the attention of our followers for Karen Kline from Facebook who advises us about – “Vivisection” which is the practice of experimenting on living animals to garner money and professional accolades. Contrary to popular belief, it has little to do with science. In fact, I have yet to meet a single researcher who would advocate animal experimentation if money were extracted from the equation.

We unequivocally oppose any and all research conducted upon animals. They exist to enjoy their own lives. Animals are not a resource to be used by humans. Animal experimentation demands a solid wall of secrecy that the public may not penetrate. “Researchers” understand that if the average person became aware of the crimes against nature they routinely commit, there would be a swift and decisive response. This is what they fear. We intend to shatter all secrecy surrounding vivisection, especially at the University of Florida. Please go to Eleventh Hour to support this worthy cause.

Here is some further information relating to the University of Florida’s practices. Please let us know your thoughts, and by visiting Karen’s Event Page at to leave a comment there.

Inside UF, 10,000 animals are estimated to be imprisoned and tortured on any given day. After 3 successful lawsuits and 4 federal complaints citing “fraud,” “incompetence” and a “culture of corruption” inside their labs, the University of Florida was named 1 of the 5 worst universities for animals in the country in April. Now we are taking our message directly to their alumni, benefactors, and other supporters and asking them to publicly denounce UF and begin to wash the blood from their hands. This week’s action focuses on the NY Gator clubs and their supporters. Please use the email block provided and send the sample letter below.

Please invite your friends to this event. WE NEED EVERY ACTIVIST TO PARTICIPATE. Thank you for all you do for the animals!


Dear Alumni, Gators, and other UF Supporters,

Please be advised that the University of Florida is conducting some of the most heinous and unconscionable experiments on monkeys, dogs, horses and thousands of other animals. If you support the university in any way whatsoever, then you are directly responsible for these atrocities.

After three successful lawsuits in as many years, we finally gained access to the records documenting their gruesome monkey experiments.

Earlier this month, a FOURTH federal complaint was filed for a beagle named Ginger that cites “fraud” and “incompetence.” They began torturing her when she was one-day old, before her eyes were even open. At less than 2 months, she was having seizures, she was limp, and her head was tilted. She vomited and was found unresponsive repeatedly for another 17 months. When she was murdered, she had brain damage, water on the lungs, liver damage, and her stomach was shredded. 37 more dogs are still enduring this torture:

Have a look at photos from inside UF documenting horse torture:

In April, the University of Florida was found to be one of the five worst universities for animals in the country!!!

Karen Kline is requesting everyone please withhold all future support of the Gators/UF to protest their grotesque animal torture industry.

Please send correspondences to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Paws for the News – News Team –

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