Paul Aliu of Novartis personally funds drug experiments on animals at UF

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The names of the donors that specifically fund drug research on imprisoned animals at UF was leaked to us recently. Last night, the first person we chose to expose was published on NIO. This afternoon, the private and secure areas of UF’s College of Pharmacology databases have been corrupted and all compromising information deleted. Fortunately, their benefactors’ details are still accessible on our databases. Meet Paul Aliu…

Paul Aliu is seated at the far left

Paul Aliu’s personal email is:

This email address is registered to:
Island Pharmacies
122 Pleasant Street
Nantucket, MA 02554
(508) 228-6400

This is rather odd because…

by NIO Florida

Dr. Paul Aliu is the Global Program Director at Novartis Pharma in Basel Area, Switzerland. He is a regular at World Health Organization conferences.

Paul not only advances Novartis’ mercenary agenda professionally, he also personally funds the holocaust at the University of Florida.

Does anyone find it interesting that the first of UF’s benefactors we exposed last night is employed by Pfizer while Aliu is with Novartis? Don’t be! It appears that every one of the animal torture donors is so deeply entrenched in the vivisection complex that Big Pharma is represented across the board. We even have the names of individuals at the FDA that contribute to UF.

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