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Negotiation is Over - Florida

The Outstanding FOI Request & Janine Sikes: Week Three – The Phone Call

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Janine Sikes, Public Relations Director for UF, confirmed to Camille Marino that she was in receipt of $566.64. This was the price Sikes put on Marino’s request to release public information — approximately 1,600 veterinary records from 2009 documenting the torture of 33 nonhuman primates in UF’s laboratories. Through the course…
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Saturday, December 18 – a “Chocolate and Champagne” Demonstration from FOA & NIO

Please join Friends of Animals and NIO Florida in a demonstration against experiments on capuchin monkeys, macaques, and other animals at the University of Florida (UF) on Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 7:30 pm. On this evening, UF will be hosting a holiday gala where revelers will gather for champagne and chocolate at the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the…
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NIO Calling…. the revolution is underway…

for more pictures, strategic ideas, inspiration, and information, click HERE. playing with little “winky” while mercenary ding’s neighbor signs the petition.  outside ding’s home: greetings from nio florida

The Science of Public Deception

by Camille MarinoSimulposted with Dissident Voice & Negotiation Is Over In order to protect and promote that which is in the best interest of the general population, a public dialogue must be advanced on the issues surrounding animal-based research and complete transparency is a necessary condition if we are to proceed. However, because of the…
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Inside Humane Research…

Sunday at Salemi’s: Your Neighbor Tortures Monkeys for Money

Marco Salemi: 2721 NW 104th Court, Gainesville 32606 Today we paid a surprise visit to the quiet enclave that Monkey Murderer Marco Salemi calls home. We spoke to dozens of concerned neighbors who had no idea about the monster that lives among them. Almost without exception, people were horrified at Salemi’s unbridled violent propensities and…
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Gators Game Demo to Expose Primate Torture

Saturday, November 20 · 10:00am – 12:00pmCorner of W. University and NW 13th StreetGainesville, Florida THIS EVENT IS TEMPORARILY POSTPONED.

Here’s your money, let’s see the records of UF’s atrocities against primates

Pursuant to a freedom on information request filed with the University of Florida, we have now fulfilled our financial obligation and anxiously await the documentation of the atrocities taking place within these hallowed halls or horror…

The Extreme Sociopathy of Marco Salemi

Assistant Professional Professor of Violence, Heartless & Sociopaty: Medicine, Department of Pathology Phone: (352) 273-9567Email: salemi@pathology.ufl.edu Home 2721 NW 10th Court Apartment 2 Gainesville, FL 32606-5161 This sadistic aberration is awarded over $700,000 annually (through 2010) in tax money to infect dozens of imprisoned macaque monkeys with neuroAIDS, a designer-strain of the AIDS virus that…
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Happy Halloween Mercenaries & Terrorists

  Animal Tormentor Ding’s house — where he was imprisoned today — is in the background behind the watchful gaze of this officer of the law. He had his laptop open in his vehicle and we believe he was reading Negotiation is Over!  by NIO Florida We had an amazing afternoon connecting with Mercenary Mingzhou…
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