Nov. 15: Global Day of Action — The Vivisector Next Doorp

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Vivisectors tell their friends and family that they’re “researchers” or “scientists.” Sounds impressive, huh!? They don’t say, “Hi, nice to meet you. I torture animals to death for a living.” That’s our job!!! And so we’re going out en masse to visit vivisectors where they sleep and play.


talking to vivisectors’ concerned neighbors in 2011

Negotiation is Over is proud to announce our first coordinated global action against the vivisection complex since 2010.

UCLA Monkey Murderer David (Tiller) Jentsch once said that because of activists talking to his neighbors, he was forced to have a lot of “embarrassing” discussions with them. The first time we did this here in Florida, the police were already stationed outside vivisector Mingzhou Ding’s house. They guarded eclectic-animal-torture-professional Raymond Bergeron’s house all weekend (incidentally, even Bergeron’s colleagues refer to him as a “bastard.”) Wouldn’t it be exhilarating to have one day where vivisectors were trapped in their houses like caged lab animals while we went door-to-door talking to their friends and neighbors?! Well, November 15 is that day.

Participating Activists/Groups/Locations:


Our targets may be announced prior to the distribution of press releases upon agreement of all participants.

Invitation to the Animal Liberation Community


Individuals are encouraged to join us in going out into the community and going door-to-door talking to vivisectors’ neighbors. Groups are encouraged to do home demos. And all creative legal actions to gain attention and expose vivisectors are fully endorsed by NIO. If you need help finding a local vivisector, please see this Personal Guide to Penetrating Labs Legally or write to if you need some assistance. NIO/Eleventh Hour will consider it a privilege to work with you to identify a primary local target for this action and, thereafter, to help you establish your own comprehensive anti-vivisection campaign.

On November 15, commit t0 give the lab animals a voice. Commit to do more. All you need is the desire to do more.

To Join and Support the Event:


“Animal Liberation whatever it may take.” -Walter Bond

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