36 comments on “University Of North Georgia Professor Takes Stand Against University of Florida Corruption

  1. Just like Hitler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t say a word. If we can do animals like that what is to stop us from treating people like that.

  2. Dr. Friedman, In our world today with all the animal abuse and corruption going on it is haed to wake feeling postive about better days, I would like to commend you for standing up. Thank you.
    Lisa Sullivan

  3. The humanoid monsters eliminated this time from the earth …Exterminate.. hunt…. them in any way. Serve slimy DEMONS!
    Ask God! … When finished my sacred mission to eat me hungry beasts rather than greedy people
    Humans will go to any extent to earn money ruthlessly brushing aside mercy….

    Every creature has the right to Live and Die with dignity and denial of this is a SIN….” SIN TO

    GOD “

  4. thank you for taking a stand against this cruelty we need to educate but this is not the way to go! these animals are not here for our this purpose so we need to stand together as one and keep fighting for there freedom and good living!

  5. Dr. Friedman, Thank you for your efforts. We need more scientist with morals such as yours. God bless!


  7. Please stop it, if you think you are smart enough, try to examine or set up your study case the other ways, or I would say you are an idiot stupid one.

  8. Have you noticed one implacable thing in life: MORE WORTHLESS A HUMAN – MORE HE/SHE USES ANIMALS, NOT HIS/HER BRAINS, to raize money, especially to prove his/her importance… It is a circle they will stay in, born next time in some other body, for example being themselves an animal…-

    Animals aren’t people, so why test on animals? The real bottom line is stark: no animal experiment has ever saved a human life. But animal experiments have led to many human deaths. The science doesn’t yield valuable results, it is inhumane in the extreme!
    -! Why are these idiots using animals when they should be experimenting on murderers, child molesters, pedophiles and the other losers in prison! – How about the corporation members and breeders who propose this awful situation go first…when you live through years of exposure and pain of chemicals in your body… then we’ll let you continue and leave the millions of animals who have NO SAY in their fate live peacefully, safely and happily wit people who appreciate their real worth….”
    -Their alumni and benefactors should stop giving them money. I bet they’ll figure out there are alternatives to torturing animals then.

  9. Thanks, Doctor, for being humane. We’ll spread the news. In Europe, the popualr petition against vivisection, reached 1.216.005 signatures, and maybe some others will add. We hope things change: we want them to. Thanks again for the support

  10. paren de hacerles daño a estos seres inocentes,hoy en dia no se necesitan animales de laboratorio,gasten un poco mas y dejen de hacer experimentos nazis

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