NIO Florida Visits Kindergarten for Vivisectors… and they PANICKED!

Negotiation is Over - Florida

What does an abuser do when confronted with the truth? Dial 9-1-1 of course!

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On Tuesday evening, May 2, Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) in Gainesville held a biotech event for students looking toward further education and future careers as, among other things, biomed students, animal lab technicians, or those who simply maintain the torture apparatus in laboratories. NIO Florida was pleased to have all of these potential abusers in one venue.

This was Kindergarten for Vivisectors!

Upon graduation from their two-year college, many of these individuals will compose the new crop of animal-abusing juniors at the University of Florida in the fall as well as become participants in SFCC’s new 4-year laboratory sciences program scheduled to open in Progress Park. We need to note that we took pictures of students and vivisectors entering the event for identification purposes and reference material in the future. All images were captured in public where, according to the Supreme Court, no one is afforded a right to privacy. These pictures will only be published in the fall if the students make an incorrect decision to pursue careers as professional animal torturers.

We handed out leaflets to a number of students entering the Perry Center but were far more concerned with engaging them outside. We spoke to several students who explained to us exactly what was happening at this event and, curiously, when the subject of animal torture came up, students were very defensive and quick to absolve themselves of any involvement or culpability in the abominable abuse curricula. Although we were unable to isolate any students who would admit to sadistic propensities, we were pleased with the response from their peers.

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After speaking to some students and handing out 12 – 20 ribbon-wrapped scrolls containing our flyers, the Director of the Perry Center for Emerging Technologies, Dr. Kelly Gridley, came outside to talk to us. She was highly concerned that our information was “inflammatory” because, amusingly, “80%” of their “biotech program” has nothing to do with animal experimentation. We made it clear that it was the OTHER TWENTY PERCENT that was problematic and needed to be addressed. She continued to explain that no “mammalian” research is conducted at SFCC. We explained that torturing fish and mice is an equal crime and that this is where it starts, this is where our attention needs to be focused, that these are the students that need to be isolated and educated NOW.

Dr. Gridley then began WARNING students not the accept our flyers because they were about ANIMAL RIGHTS! Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!! At this point we left and returned a short while later to leave our calling cards under every windshield in the parking lot.

Well, apparently, the staff and SFCC was in an all out panic now. An unidentified man ran out of the building screaming “you better leave. I’m calling the cops.” He frantically waved his hands in the air, his face red and contorted as he screamed “Look! I’m dialing.” Much as we wanted to stay and dial the number for him, a police confrontation on this evening would not have been strategically advantageous. We left without incident. This individual was so animated that he had us laughing for hours after we left. In fact, we’re still laughing…

Our first foray infiltrating vivisection students was far more productive than we could have hoped. For our part, in addition to introducing truth into the curriculum, we learned a lot from the students with whom we spoke and we accumulated a lot of information. For their part, the sheer panic and agitation on the part of the animal-mutilating administration was priceless. When confronted with the truth, they could do nothing but dial 9-1-1!!!

We hope they continue to fan the flames of fear within their own student bodies. It makes our job far easier in showing the students what their futures may hold….

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