NIO Florida Invites You to Threaten Vivisection Students….

Negotiation is Over - Florida

with the Truth!!!

click image to download & print flyer 1

They call us terrorists. They say our stock-in-trade is threats & intimidation…

We say, why fight it?. Let’s own it. Let’s re-frame their own delusional rhetoric and get to work.

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NIO Florida is encouraging an all-out war to Threaten Students With the Truth. If this intimidates the enemy, if this constitutes terrorism, then sign us up….

May 2 – May 6, 2011 (Round One)

The War on Vivisection Students is commencing at universities around the country next week and, as requested, we are publishing our initial leaflets to be used freely by every single activist going into universities to intercept the enemy’s indoctrination program before it’s too late…

It’s the end of this semester and here is where we must begin. There are all kinds of yearend events that can be infiltrated. Don’t be afraid to disrupt bio students taking their final exams. We may be starting on Monday, but we all must continue to infiltrate student affairs through the fall… summer school, registration, be at the bookstores when they are loading up on bio texts… we are limited only by our imaginations, dedication, and determination…

This is a war and the animals are losing. It’s up to us to even up the playing field.

Let’s get rid of the new crop of sadists now before they become entrenched…

If not now, when?

If not us, who?

5 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Let’s all get on this right away! We’ll be targeting our first students coming soon where we’ll take these to a biology event! More later 😉

    Hey, we could add or tell them to turn in a vivisector anonymously!

    • Lisa says:

      Go to a university’s website and find out what bio events you can “attend.” Remember, biotech students may use summer semester to do prereqs like Math and Chemestry so find those classes too! Wait outside their building, take a walk with them from lecture to lab and leaflet, look for orientations/lab tours posted at their sites, leaflet biology student parking lots.

  2. Constance says:

    I would like to help. I am free during the day on this Wed.
    Unfortunately, I am old & look to be more of a grandma than a student, so I don’t know how well I could blend in & do all that smooth engagement you envision…. but maybe I can do something to support?

  3. Constance says:

    or thursday.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi Constance. LOL! We have room for all willing hearts! Can you give me your email address?

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