5 comments on “NIO Florida Invites You to Threaten Vivisection Students….

  1. Let’s all get on this right away! We’ll be targeting our first students coming soon where we’ll take these to a biology event! More later 😉

    Hey, we could add or tell them to turn in a vivisector anonymously!

    • P.S.
      Go to a university’s website and find out what bio events you can “attend.” Remember, biotech students may use summer semester to do prereqs like Math and Chemestry so find those classes too! Wait outside their building, take a walk with them from lecture to lab and leaflet, look for orientations/lab tours posted at their sites, leaflet biology student parking lots.

  2. I would like to help. I am free during the day on this Wed.
    Unfortunately, I am old & look to be more of a grandma than a student, so I don’t know how well I could blend in & do all that smooth engagement you envision…. but maybe I can do something to support?

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