40 comments on “NIO Florida Exclusive: Horrific pictures from Inside UF’s Monkey Labs

  1. Is that monkey in the picture free yet? And that other picture of a little monkey being held (hurt)screaming in agony ,month open, hand scraping the glove of the scientist “holding” him, is that Buckey?

  2. What you do is criminal, it goes against common decency, morality, doing what is right!! I’ll bet you wouldn’t put yourself in the monkeys place, only cowards behave in this manner!!! Think about it, have you seen the monkeys face when you hurt him?
    Please, stop now and let this animals have a life, they deserve it!!

  3. Quelle honte toute ces cruautés pour soi-disant sauver les humains(qui bien souvent n’en sont pas)Pourquoi ne pas remplacer les primates et autres par des condamnés a mort qui attendent depuis des années et qui coûte cher a la société?Au moins ils serviraient a quelque chose

  4. vivisection so antiquated,
    a vile pseudoscience
    to which no animal
    should be relegated.
    to associate oneself
    with those still this
    vicious and cruel,
    just makes you
    the torturer’s tool

  5. Ne vous donnez pas le nom de scientifique…mais bourreau …vous n’etes pas mieux que hitler, Mussolini etc….j’aime mieux ma vie que la votre au moins, j’ai la conscience propre

  6. hört damit auf tiere zu quälen für sachen die nicht notwenig sind
    tierversuche sind nicht notwenig und ich frage jetzt schon überall nach ob man die dafür verwendet hat wegen mir soll kein tier schmezen haben und leiden

  7. And they said the Nazis were evil and it would never happen again…. and yet this evil continues under the guise of science…. but that was the Nazi excuse also. Mengele madness and evil sub humans.

  8. Are you people, and that term in regards to you is very lose, blind? Do you not see the pain, the fear or the suffering in these babies faces? Are your hearts that cold you seriously do not care that they are hurting and asking to be loved? How would you feel if “people” like yourselves started “testing” on your families? Ripped your unborn babies from you and “tested”? Please find your hearts somewhere, dig deep, and nurse these babies back to health and release them, they do not deserve this and you do not deserve them!

  9. I am lost for words !!! What these people do to these poor poor animal should be done to them !!! These animals feel pain !!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is disgusting. I really don’t understand what can be gained scientifically from doing this. It is just an excuse for wanton cruelty.

  11. How can we still justify these atrocities?How can we be so cruel and uncaring? I am ashamed to say that I am a member of the human race that does such things to these beautiful creatures in my name. Gerry Manvell.

  12. STOP TORTURE. why are you all so evil and have no feelings or remorse? do you think this is right? How do you sleep at night? these animals have no voice or standing chance against you. I compare you to hitler and dr. mengele _ laura in chicago

  13. There are no articulate words necessary for this sociopathic evil of society’s acceptance of this, My Fucking God… and the fucking laws are set up to protect the monsters who do this?? Hey FBI, Stand up for what is right, and this shit ain’t right!! Why is it ok for law enforcement to break the rules for the greater good, but not a compassionate human trying to stop these type of horrors???

  14. Is there not enough misery in this world? Please stop your horrible treatment of these wonderful minkeys!

  15. Anyone who participates in this so called “science” are really deep down DEXTERS.

    STOP THIS !!!!!! This is insane. Just contemplate your Karma people, what goes around…comes around…live like a compassionate person.

  16. Yeah its hard to look at but this happens every where just because you get to see pictures of what they do to animals doesn’t mean they will ever stop.

  17. This is the sickest i am all in favor for the complete arrest of faculty and anybody else involved in this horrific act of animal abuse and he or she should be put to life or death sentence no remorse no exceptions. Bunch of sick inconsiderate bastards you are not doing our world any favors by dwindling our worlds population, resources, and animals but you would be doing us all a favor if you just turn yourself in before somebody with the balls comes and gets you just saying!

  18. Laat de dieren met rust , jullie smerige proeven zijn waardeloos !!! Er zijn al lang alternatieven voor jullie “gruwelproeven” !!!

  19. No tienen corazon, sensibilidad, conciencia ni compasion. No sirven como personas, son unas bestias frias descorazonadas y materialistas que no merecen existir, malditos humanos, malditos malnacidos. El karma existe a dios gracias y pagaran sus horrorosos y COBARDES ACTOS de una u otra forma.

  20. … seems as if there have been few here in this cold & clandestine (figure of speech) photo gallery as of late. hey th@ ‘s ok. i do see how a knowledge acquired of the existing laws helps the cause. as of late, the states’ (actually the power brokers) deployed Ag – Gag “laws” have come hand in hand – velvet glove iron fist – with many of the amendments attached to the Farm Bill – i personally have been trying in a layperson’s way to find where this bill is currently being hidden (24 december 2013). it is a killer – do not believe me – just try finding it – getting any word from ? anyone ? On It ! as a younger person so long ago i had thought oh – we can do this – they will see the light & go straight. i was wrong – not much has changed – human greed wise. we fought with petition & boycott – the harp sealing in canada & ! the vivisecti(onaries) nation wide. the “u f” malignancy is so close to home. u f should be so unproud & ashamed. E O M

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  22. I have only just found this website and am looking at the photos of these appaling things, For the first time in my life I am speachless Words could never describe what I think of these people.

  23. I have only just come upon this site and have signed many care2petitions but this is the first time I am at a loss for words. I just dont have the words, beyond anger!!!!!!!!

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