NIO Exposes Ding’s Fraudulent Grants, MILLION$ Cut Off from UF Vivisection Labs

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Mingzhou Ding - received millions of dollars from NIH for primate experiments in which UF had zero involvement

Mingzhou Ding – received millions of dollars from NIH for primate experiments in which UF had zero involvement

While we are still reconciling everything that has transpired over the past several years, it is clear today that NIO Florida (now Eleventh Hour for Animals) has had a considerable impact on UF’s ability to rape taxpayers and quietly get rich off the blood and screams of their nonhuman victims. And rather than engage any issue in which there is exists a decided public interest to procure facts, they chose to divert attention from themselves entirely. Rather, they embarked on a dedicated campaign of police intimidation and harassment, subjecting activists involved in this campaign to repeated arrests and incarcerations since 2010.

On October 4, 2010, NIO published our first expose documenting the brutal brain-mapping experiments in monkeys for which Ding was being awarded $270,060 annually as the Principle Investigator conducting “biomedical engineering” experiments under NIH Project Number: R01MH079388-03. These were annuity installments that were paid out every single year totaling roughly $3,000,000 under this award.

The only problem was that the University of Florida had absolutely nothing to do with these particular atrocities, despite information to the contrary that appeared all over the National Institutes of Health databases. In an attempt to discredit NIO Florida, UF’s chief apologist, Janine Sikes, went public in the papers expounding on the questionable nature of this taxpayer rape:

But according to UF Public Affairs director Janine Sikes, the experiments were not done at UF and the data were public domain.” (

However, Sikes’ statements left a great many questions unaswered that were posed in various media such as this article that appeared shortly thereafter in Dissident Voice, “The Science of Public Deception.”

We are proud and happy to finally confirm that while the University of Florida successfully diverted attention from themselves with a campaign of police harassment targeting activists, they used this time to silently cover their tracks. Not only does the award noted above appeared to have dried up almost immediately, but Ding is no longer stealing any taxpayer money at all through the NIH for research in which he is a wholly disinterested third party, but blood money mercenary he is nonetheless.

While we are celebrating this considerable amount of money that we successfully diverted away from monkey torture inside UF, there is no victory until we free the animals!


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