NIO CyberAction Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF- Week 11

Negotiation is Over - Florida

by NIO Florida


This week’s target is the business community in Gainesville, FL- home of the University of Florida. They are constantly trying to jail Camille and I since NIO prevailed in court against them because they want to stop us from making their horrific experiments public. As you know, UF refused to give-paid for public records to us and then they lost in court against us having to give the records. Ironically, for all the time UF spent scaring their own college kids and community by saying we are terrorists so no one would ask about the monkeys, they are the ones proven to be law breakers in court! I and others have gone through these horrific experiments. Camille, others around the globe and myself will continue to share them with the community and alumni to show that I have always spoken the truth about this. In the interim I and others have received anonymous letters, also sent to our neighbors that we are terrorists. UF has used the media and school wide memos and media reporters to continue calling us bad people when virtually nothing harmful or dangerous has ever happened. We haven’t caused any harm to anyone- unlike the people who are charging us with a crime to keep people from hearing about their own. TELL UF TO BAN PRIMATE TESTING AND USE ONLY NON-ANIMAL ALTERNATIVES.

The University of Florida Gators Clubs, Alumni, and the local community support and fund animal torture at UF, even though non-animal alternatives are available and used worldwide. Primates are imprisoned in their labs, routinely terrorized, poisoned, sickened, and killed. Because of these available alternatives, the University of Florida CHOOSES to continue this atrocity that is sadism not science.


Dear Gators and Gainesville Business Community,

Animal rights activists in Gainesville have won their case against UF and are now in receipt of thousands of records documenting the egregious suffering that monkeys endure in their labs. Although UF is constantly lying to law enforcement in an attempt to keep YOU from seeing what they do to innocent animals with our tax money, these records have been copied to activists around the world and will continue to be made public. This site will be updated weekly with definitive proof that UF CHOOSES archaic primate testing instead of using 1000’s of modern, high tech non-alternatives.

In the interim, activists have also discovered what we believe to be millions in misappropriated funds. UF has lied to you, scared all of their young students, and embarrassed local law enforcement by claiming the US government is unable to catch terrorists running loose in Gainesville! When in truth, they lie to make sure that you don’t focus on the monkeys and money. It’s time to realize that in almost 2 years, no one has been harmed and nothing dangerous has happened. Anything else is a LIE. Ironically, for all the time UF spent lying about those who want to help animals so no one would ask about the monkeys, they are the ones proven to be law breakers in court!

Many people are unaware of the horrific experiments to which the University of Florida subjects sentient primates. It is the responsibility of every person who supports UF to hold this institution accountable and stop paying for anything associated with UF until they ban primate testing. You will see records showing experiments like boiling a monkey’s eye fluid to measure the cooling time, and force feeding monkeys sludge from contaminated real estate sites testing for heavy metals.

There are non-animal alternatives available, but they make it much more difficult to secure millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants that are specifically earmarked for invasive and painful animal tests.

Testing on innocent animals is scientific fraud!


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