NIO Cyber Action Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF – Week 4

Negotiation is Over - Florida

The University of Florida Gators Clubs around the world support and fund animal torture at UF, even though non-animal alternatives are available and used world wide. Primates are imprisoned in their labs, poisoned, sickened, and killed. Among thousands of other animals, more than 200 are forced to endure painful experiments without anesthesia, their only relief being an agonizing death. In addition to UF being unresponsive for over a year about apparently-fraudulent grants- a formal NIO lawsuit against UF is now pending to compel disclosure of public primate vivisection records. We must stop their money flow NOW to save lives! Sponsoring a sports team is fine, but until UF bans animal testing all club members are sponsoring the heinous suffering in UF labs when alternatives are available- and we are telling the world about their CHOICE.

by NIO Florida

This week’s target: New York (“Gotham”) Gator Club

UNHAPPY NEW YEAR! While the New York Gator Club celebrates the New Year this week, innocent primates and other animals languish in UF’s prisons looking forward to celebrating their own miserable deaths. We need to tell the New York Gator Club and its supporters to stop funding archaic “science” and ban all animal testing NOW!!

I. Contact the New York Gator Club


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II. Contact New York Gator Club Supporters


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