More events confirmed for the “Vivisector Next Door” Global Action on Saturday

Negotiation is Over - Florida

A few preliminary events were announced last week. Here are some more actions that were made public over the weekend…

vivisector next door 3

Animal Rights Alliance of New York – Rockefeller University

no kill new york global action

“We will have a short protest and demonstration at Rockefeller University on November 15th, Saturday from 1 to 2pm.

This particularly poignant for me as this conglomerate of entities (Cornell, Rockefeller & Memorial Sloane) was where I learned about vivisection almost exactly 35 years ago. I knew about vivisection and their crimes against primates before I knew about veganism. I was studying medicine and came across a protocol of a chimpanzee, here is the protocol:

1) Take the primate and submerge in water to his chin.
2) Insert metal pipe down throat into the stomach (no anesthesia).
3) Lower primate into water and vigorously gyrate and vibrate the metal pipe with the primate submerged until brain damage occurs (electrodes were attached to the brain directly with the cranial skull removed from the scalp).
4) Remove primate from apparatus and now let’s see if we can reverse the brain damage.
5) Then kill this primate and repeat.

So you see my friends, this was the most cruel and unusual act of torture that I had ever been exposed to. I was about 18 years old. I immediately felt a sense of injustice, disgust and anger. For the rest of the seven years of night school that I attended while working in university settings I distributed leaflets against vivisection. This was about 1980.

So to return to Rockefeller (where there WAS a huge protest in the late 1980s (although I have not found the articles lately) is special.” \

-Kate Riviello

Eleventh Hour for Animals (New York) – Marshall BioResources

On November 15, we focus on Marshall BioResources (commonly known as Marshall Farms), an international company based in New York that breeds thousands of dogs, ferrets and pigs for use in research laboratories each year. The company is currently the target of protests by activists in Italy and the UK who are fighting to close beagle breeding facilities operated by Marshall in those countries. Without their lovely veterinarian sanctioning and rubber stamping their slave trade, Marshall BioResources would not be in business.

marshall's vet

Bambi Heather Jasmin DVM
Oakmonte Apartments
1 Oakmonte Blvd.
Webster, NY 14580

Unless you’re a vivisector, you’ll likely never purchase an animal from Marshall BioResources, but you may be unknowingly supporting this disgusting company when you visit PetSmart, Petco or similar retailers. A sister company called Marshall Pet Products is the largest breeder of ferrets for the pet trade in the U.S. The company also sells food, litter, collars, harnesses, toys, shampoo and other products for ferrets. In addition, Marshall Pet Products sells products under other brands– including odor control products under the name “GoodBye Odor,” skin and coat care products under the “Earth’s Balance” name, treats and other products for rabbits under the name “Peter’s” and treats for horses under the name “Orchard Sweets.”

Don’t support Marshall Farms! Adopt, don’t buy ferrets from pet stores. If you see the Marshall Pet Products logo on a product when shopping, try to find an alternative. You may also want to ask the store not to stock Marshall products.

scott marshall

Scott Marshall and his wife, Courtney, were proud parents of two healthy boys before they delivered their daughters, Anne and Molly. Both girls, though born two years apart, each arrived nearly 3 months early.

For further information or to participate in this Saturday’s Marshall BioResources action, please contact Chris Young at


Eleventh Hour for Animals (Texas)

Eleventh Hour for Animals (Florida) – Location 2

Eleventh Hour for Animals (Canada)

Alliance for Animals (Moscow)

Eleventh Hour for Animals (Virginia)

Eleventh Hour for Animals (Michigan)

For full details about the November 15 Global Day of Action, please click HERE.


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