Monkey 2A4: Tortured in UF’s Labs for 17 Years, Died at the Gloved Hands of his Tormentors

Negotiation is Over - Florida

The University of Florida fought for 14 months to keep these and thousands of other documents out of the hands of the public. Subsequent to winning our lawsuit, they were delivered to us on January 4, 2012. Please note that all of the cruelty and torture documented below is in full compliance with the “strict guidelines” with which animal abuse is enforced and regulated by the Animal Welfare Act. Following are the secrets they don’t want you to know…

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by NIO Florida

Complete Veterinary Records for Monkey 2A4 (1992 – 2009)

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part I

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part II

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part III

The Tragic & Horrifying Life of Monkey 2A4

The initial record confirms that 2A4 and nine other male monkeys were trapped in the jungles of Guyana in 1992, probably as babies (their mothers most likely murdered in front of them), and ripped from their homes and families. Terrified, bewildered, and disoriented, they were shipped to the US. We were unable to confirm which airline was responsible. The tragic fate of little 2A4 was then sealed when he, along with his nine comrades, were sold by Charles River to Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron at the University of Florida.

veterinary records indicate "subject is in good condition."

A UF lab insider describes how these monkeys are then driven insane:

[The monkeys are imprisoned in individual] cages as males would kill each other if housed together. Removed from their normal very social dynamic, the isolation makes them insane. I mean that literally. They are no longer normal monkeys as found in the wild. Most of these animals have been bred for this purpose (it’s cheaper), although some of the older ones were wild caught. I’m not sure which is worse. They’re given mirrors on the walls so they can see each other and dog toys to play with. This species (Cebus apella) is about the size of a skinny cat. It’s the “organ grinder” monkey, also called the capuchin monkey. The cages are about 2.5′ square. They have a false back in them that are attached to handles on the front. The researcher pulls the handles forcefully towards them, squeezing the monkey up against the front of the cage so that the anesthesia can be given. Monkeys are smart. They know how to evade all attempts to force them to do anything, especially after years of the same treatment. They learn how to fight back. That’s why this method of restraint is so stressful. They fight back so well, that you have to try again and again to get them pinned just right so you can get the needle into the thigh quickly. It’s always a two person job and never easy or unstressful.

This records confirm that 2A4 was the subject of an iron chelation study: he was injected with an overload of iron that would compromise him for the duration of his life in order to test “chelating agents” or drugs that are intended to remove excess iron in humans. As we noted previously, a major Health Science Center’s benefactor suffered and died from Hemochromatosis, a disease where too much iron is absorbed. It is reasonable, therefore, to conclude that the human symptoms of this disease were perpetually induced in 2A4 throughout his terrifying imprisonment: abdominal pain, fatigue, joint pain, lack of energy, loss of body hair, weight loss, and weakness.

imprisoned primate endures tuberculin test

The vet records also reveal that, after 24A was wrenched from his squeeze cage, he was subjected to regular tuberculin tests that were injected into his eyelids. This is normal procedure to ensure that tuberculosis isn’t present. That disease will decimate an entire primate facility very quickly.

The legally-required documentation of the controlled substances used (Ketamine, Telazol) and other vet procedures illustrates the horryifying regimens to which 2A4 was subjected for 17 years. He was routinely “knocked down,” dragged from his cage, experimented on, thrown back in his cage, and left alone to languish until his tormentors returned. When moved within the Communicore Building, his tiny body would probably have been carried by hand from room to room to conduct invasive assaults on his fragile body because they are basically taking them down the hall to different rooms. This is generally done by holding their biceps behind their backs with both hands and holding the monkeys well away form the body in case they start to wake up. These leaked floor plans will allow one to chart how he was (and other nonhuman inmates are) transported unconscious through the underground animal prison labyrinths.

Finally, after 17 years of torment, 2A4 died at the gloved hands of one of his terrorists in 2009. There are two likely reasons for his death.

gloved hands torture capuchin

One reason may be that while he was fighting to escape his attackers, the anesthesia may have been injected into a vein, artery, or lung. Our UF insider explains:

“The anesthesia drugs are supposed to be delivered IM (intra-muscular) and an accidental IV injection would be fatal because it would go immediately to the brain and stop the heart instead of slowly being released over time from the muscle tissue. In normal injections, one pulls back on the syringe plunger a little first and if you see blood, you know you hit a vein and you would then withdraw and restick to be sure you hit muscle. Unfortunately, the monkeys are struggling against the restraint and squirming so much that you take your chances and go ahead and inject quickly if you are in the muscle area – and hope you don’t hit a vein. This also means you frequently hit bone (VERY painful) and nerves by accident too.”

The second possibility relates to the fact that 2A4 was made into a drug addict. Because these monkeys are “knocked down” so frequently, they become drug addicts and develop a resistance to the drugs used to subdue them:

“The larger and larger doses become more and more dangerous as the window between effective sedation and overdose becomes more and more narrow. This also lends itself to causing impatience in the technician who goes a bit overboard in trying to get the job done and the animal is continuing to fight to maintain consciousness. The monkeys must be drugged because they are extremely dangerous if handled any other way. Despite their small size, they can easily bite your finger off and cause sever damage to any other part of your body they get hold of (they will often go for your face).”

Again, the 17-year long incarceration of 2A4, his life of torture and murder at the hands of his tormentors, was regulated by and in full compliance with the strict guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act.

7 Responses

  1. carol bowen says:

    how can a human being do this day in and day out to another creature? its beyond my range of comprehension. how can they sleep at night? how can they let themselves touch a family member or their own children while all the time knowing what they do to these poor monkeys.
    these people choose to do this the animals have no choice. why would anyone want to do this? because they must ‘want’ to do it. if you ask them what they do for a living do they say ‘well, im an animal torturer’?

  2. kristine darmohray says:

    continuing these sick, cruel antiquated methods of experimentation only serve to teach future generations how to perpetuate horror, ignorance and insensitivity to all living creatures. You are also spitting in the face of all of the brillian tmids proving technological alternatives – research that – the humane alternatives. is this what you want your children to know of you? so you want to raise monsters. monkey see, monkey do – pun INTENDED – you are being completely irresponsible in your actions. moreover you are a disgrace. my son was considering your institution and he saw this and he and his friends were sickened and disheartened and are boycotting U of F. i hope you feel the financial pain of what you are doing, tho that will never come close to the physical and emotional pain of your “subjects”

  3. Chris says:

    I am sick…..

  4. Donna Hess says:

    Anyone who can take part in something like that for any reason is to be feared by all. We all know the uncaring and cold attitude of some businesses and lack of compassions when it comes to money or power but they cannot do it by themselves it takes hundreds and thousands of employees willing to carry out their atroscities if people refused to do these kind of things companies would be forced to find more humane ways to do their studies the same with kill shelters for animals. I mean I know we have an over population of homeless animals but this is because of lack of laws to hold people accountable for their pets, to restrict breeding, to punish the abusers and neglecters of animals. We an “We” are the only ones who can stop these practices by refusing to take part in them and voting and writing and yelling and any means possible to show we will not allow this, “We” will not allow this!!!!!

  5. Patricia Cardosa says:

    Where does one begin…………ashamed does not begin to express what I feel…..why human beings allow this practice to continue is beyond me!! You do this for money? This “is” the real LOVE of money that is the root of all evil.
    How can you be so completely devoid of compassion by continuing to subject these animals to invasive and painful experiments. These animals have rich mental and emotional lives. They have incredible memories, they share cultural traditions that are passed down through generations, they care deeply for their families and friends, and they grieve the loss of their loved ones when they pass away.
    With all that being known, these remarkable beings are locked in laboratories, where they are forced to endure decades of invasive procedures as well as fear, loneliness, and pain. In laboratories, they are deprived of everything that is meaningful to them, and they suffer immensely both physically and mentally because of it. This continues even though scientists agree that they are poor models for researching human diseases. UNFORTUNATELY I HAVE RAN OUT OF SPACE!! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED IT!!!

  6. MonkeySupplier says:

    If these little jungle rats,can help save or make one sick humans life better,good. Nothing u can do will stop it,and all ur mindless bitching could be put to help ppl,not these dangerous disease carrying rats,that are far from endangered! Even Chimps number over 300000 in the wild,trust me,They are so easy to hunt on holiday. If they have a baby clung too them……..u can imagine.

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