Monkey 24A: After 17 years of torture inside UF, he died at the gloved hands of his tormentors

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Image from inside UF awarded by court after first legal victory on Dec. 30, 2011

by NIO Florida

Complete Veterinary Records for Monkey 2A4 (1992 – 2009)

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part I

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part II

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part III

The Tragic & Horrifying Life of Monkey 2A4

The initial record confirms that 2A4 and nine other male monkeys were trapped in the jungles of Guyana in 1992, probably as babies (their mothers most likely murdered in front of them), and ripped from their homes and families. Terrified, bewildered, and disoriented, they were shipped to the US. We were unable to confirm which airline was responsible. The tragic fate of little 2A4 was then sealed when he, along with his nine comrades, was sold by Charles River to Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron at the University of Florida.

Image secured from inside UF

Image secured from inside UF

A UF lab insider describes how these monkeys are then driven insane:

[The monkeys are imprisoned in individual] cages as males would kill each other if housed together. Removed from their normal very social dynamic, the isolation makes them insane. I mean that literally. They are no longer normal monkeys as found in the wild. Most of these animals have been bred for this purpose (it’s cheaper), although some of the older ones were wild caught. I’m not sure which is worse. They’re given mirrors on the walls so they can see each other and dog toys to play with. This species (Cebus apella) is about the size of a skinny cat. It’s the “organ grinder” monkey, also called the capuchin monkey. The cages are about 2.5′ square. They have a false back in them that are attached to handles on the front. The researcher pulls the handles forcefully towards them, squeezing the monkey up against the front of the cage so that the anesthesia can be given. Monkeys are smart. They know how to evade all attempts to force them to do anything, especially after years of the same treatment. They learn how to fight back. That’s why this method of restraint is so stressful. They fight back so well, that you have to try again and again to get them pinned just right so you can get the needle into the thigh quickly. It’s always a two person job and never easy or unstressful.

The records confirm that 2A4 was the subject of an iron chelation study: he was injected with an overload of iron that would compromise him for the duration of his life in order to test “chelating agents” or drugs that are intended to remove excess iron in humans. As we noted previously, a major Health Science Center’s benefactor suffered and died from Hemochromatosis, a disease where too much iron is absorbed. It is reasonable, therefore, to conclude that the human symptoms of this disease were perpetually induced in 2A4 throughout his terrifying imprisonment: abdominal pain, fatigue, joint pain, lack of energy, loss of body hair, weight loss, and weakness.

Image secured from inside UF

Image secured from inside UF

The vet records also reveal that, after 24A was wrenched from his squeeze cage, he was subjected to regular tuberculin tests that were injected into his eyelids. This is normal procedure to ensure that tuberculosis isn’t present. That disease will decimate an entire primate facility very quickly.

The legally-required documentation of the controlled substances used (Ketamine, Telazol) and other vet procedures illustrates the horryifying regimens to which 2A4 was subjected for 17 years. He was routinely “knocked down,” dragged from his cage, experimented on, thrown back in his cage, and left alone to languish until his tormentors returned. When moved within the Communicore Building, his tiny body would probably have been carried by hand from room to room to conduct invasive assaults on his fragile body because they are basically taking them down the hall to different rooms. This is generally done by holding their biceps behind their backs with both hands and holding the monkeys well away form the body in case they start to wake up. These leaked floor plans will allow one to chart how he was (and other nonhuman inmates are) transported unconscious through the underground animal prison labyrinths.

Finally, after 17 years of torment, 2A4 died at the gloved hands of one of his terrorists in 2009. There are two likely reasons for his death.

One reason may be that while he was fighting to escape his attackers, the anesthesia may have been injected into a vein, artery, or lung. Our UF insider explains:

“The anesthesia drugs are supposed to be delivered IM (intra-muscular) and an accidental IV injection would be fatal because it would go immediately to the brain and stop the heart instead of slowly being released over time from the muscle tissue. In normal injections, one pulls back on the syringe plunger a little first and if you see blood, you know you hit a vein and you would then withdraw and restick to be sure you hit muscle. Unfortunately, the monkeys are struggling against the restraint and squirming so much that you take your chances and go ahead and inject quickly if you are in the muscle area – and hope you don’t hit a vein. This also means you frequently hit bone (VERY painful) and nerves by accident too.”

The second possibility relates to the fact that 2A4 was made into a drug addict. Because these monkeys are “knocked down” so frequently, they become drug addicts and develop a resistance to the drugs used to subdue them:

“The larger and larger doses become more and more dangerous as the window between effective sedation and overdose becomes more and more narrow. This also lends itself to causing impatience in the technician who goes a bit overboard in trying to get the job done and the animal is continuing to fight to maintain consciousness. The monkeys must be drugged because they are extremely dangerous if handled any other way. Despite their small size, they can easily bite your finger off and cause sever damage to any other part of your body they get hold of (they will often go for your face).”

Again, the 17-year long incarceration of 2A4, his life of torture and murder at the hands of his tormentors, was regulated by and in full compliance with the strict guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act.


34 Responses

  1. Uaris Janbobekova says:

    Please stop this torture!

  2. Anne Nielsen says:

    This is absolutely outrageous and disgusting!! How can something so horrible be legal and “within the guidelines”???? I am APPALLED and horrified!!

  3. Carol Crunkhorn says:

    Cowards, they should be on the receiving end of whatever they dish out to captive and helpless animals!

  4. Biffo says:

    This revolts me. Personally, I would dance with glee to hear that each & every person involved in this type of torture had died slowly & painfully from some very long drawn out incurable illness, after having been used as a guinea pig by his/her doctors.

  5. LINDA BADHAM says:


  6. Rachel says:

    My soul is trembling to think that humans can inflict such evil to an innocent being! Every life form has a soul! That is what gives life! How can these people be so blind to treat a life force as they did ! the poor creature must have had enough of their tormentors and unable to defend themselves! How could they continue without for a moment realizing what they were doing! I am glad that he died actually, it was his only way out! Poor little creature, look in their eyes and see the infliction! Just ask yourself ” how would I feel if it was me?” how can you go home and love your children when you create such horrors in other beings…May God have mercy and help us have the right understanding and elevate the humans level of consciousness! Joy and peace to this saddened world!

  7. Lynne says:

    This information should be submitted to the school newspaper for print.

  8. Mihai says:

    What god??? there is no god if he lets this things to happen…if we want this to stop we have to fight really hard for it…not to hope that GOD helps them..NO…he won’t…this is crime and unfortunatley the human being became the most ferocious beast ever known ..we kill everything..we would kill our own family for money…this is one of the many reasons why i sometimes feel disgustet for benig a human being….a wise decision would be to to the tests on them…on those who tortured this little creatures…they should really feel the pain of having a life in cage !!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      100% in agreement. WE have to do something about this horror. I crosspost for shelter dogs on death row and I know there is no god watching over the innocent. I am ashamed to be a part of a race (human) that has no respect for the lives of other creatures whom they deemed to be below him and undeserving of compassion. Man is the most vicious and cunning beast on earth and he proves it daily in his treatment of animals not to mention the way they treat others of their own species. Maybe if the tables were turned only then would men realize the pain they have been inflicting but doubtful they would change even then.

    • Keith says:

      Remember, God gave humans free will. Stuff like this is not up to God, it is up to humans who chose to be monsters, chose money and power over humanity, and chose to turn their head to what is going on around them. I think a lot of lessons can be learned from the Gay and Lesbian groups and Black Lives Matter groups. Look how effective they have become with public protests in large numbers, using social media and going after the wallets of the people they are protesting against. Demonstrations and protest will work of done with purpose! People need to protest in a way that others can not ignore the issue or turn their head. Pointing out the money these universities get for experimenting on monkeys from the government.

      • Thank you for your thoughts, Keith. And I completely agree.

        I apologize for the late response. Eleventh Hour was on a momentary hiatus. Our campaign will be resuming in earnest in the coming weeks.

    • Jen Herrera says:

      I believe if there is ever to be justice- culturally we have to become our own gods; not followers of a god; and that those “gods” beliefs which are conditioned into us as babies must be rewritten. Most religions teach that humans are set above all other sentient beings. I actually had an experience where (I am atheist) I had a devote catholic family at my home and they were laughing and ridiculing me because I was saving the insects from my pool from dying. (My children will also save drowning insects) I responded back ‘no one wants to drown’ and that “thou shall not kill” is a great part of their religion and also informed that sitting by and letting them die knowingly is an act of killing. They laughed again and replied that “though shalt not kill” only referred to humans.This fits a majority of the population due to religious culture and the encouragement of speciesim. Many aspects of awareness would need to be changed to redirect this cultural norm over large masses of the human population. I did note your reference to “god” as a him; another patriarchal aspect of our culture. The white man has a god complex that has set a destiny of death and destruction for our future “tribes” that will be set as a historical monument of all sentient destruction on planet earth. We actually had some great perspectives on life on this planet unfortunately the white man destroyed it. There are many reasons why this culture took over the planet. Unfortunately, our future as a species will most likely learn the hard way why no one likes to live in a cage.( another lesson My children have been taught).

  9. paula Cass says:

    These people are not intelligent, nor are they professional or scientists.. They are the Human Mind gone completely insane, it is they that should be locked away from all of society so they can not commit these crimes on innocent beautiful beings such as these monkeys. Karma will do it’s work, if only more could be done to stop this monstrosity of Human behavior immediately! I blame those with the power to make this illegal, they allow it to continue. SHAME!

  10. shocked says:

    Animal welfare, eh?

    All these must END.

  11. Tracey D says:


  12. Merrymc says:

    How can this be legal? How can we stop this, what can we do? This isn’t right. No way on God’s earth this should be allowed and our Reps and Senators should work to stop this. Why do we need this type of research? Please God stop this torture of these monkeys and other animals.

  13. Hope Weaver says:

    This makes me so angry, there is no reason for humans to treat an innocent life this way. It should be considered animal abuse and illegal to treat anything with a beating heart this way. We need to find a way to stop this now.

  14. Pauline Lindsay says:

    Truly outrageous!
    Stop this cruelty now!

  15. Karen Wells says:

    This makes me sick? Stop this Torture!!

  16. Faith Atkinson says:

    Sick sadistic freaks belong in prison, and then death, not innocent monkeys.

  17. Aurelie says:

    Rest in peace monkey24 (or rather brave little monkey), you were a brave animal, innocent and helpless and your executioners take you weakness to satisfy their thirst for blood and hatred!
    Nevertheless this is an offense of cruelty to an animal, it must be severely punished! Do we not live in civilized countries say?
    ps: I’m French sorry for the mistakes

    • Aurelie says:

      Rest in peace monkey24 (or rather brave little monkey), you were a brave animal, innocent and helpless and your executioners take you weakness to satisfy their thirst for blood and hatred!
      Nevertheless this is an offense of cruelty to an animal, it must be severely punished! Do we not live in civilized countries say?
      ps: I’m French sorry for the mistakes

  18. evelyne amelot says:

    Honte à vous vous n’avez pas honte !! je vous hais !!! Vous êtes des criminels !!

  19. Never Mind says:

    Goodbye precious creature. No living being should endure 17 years of pain and torture. You belonged on the trees among your family group and the other creatures of your environment. All you had was a barren cage, no respect for your God given right to life and 17 years of pain for no one’s benefit. I am sorry and ashamed that I could not help you and that I didn’t know of your pain. The dignity in your eyea as they are injected by a cruel and ignorant person stuck in a backward system is humbling. I hope that your unimaginable sacrifice and your strenght and dignity will play a part in ending this pointless and demented mass murdering massacre. I am glad and touched to have seen your eyes and to have learned of your incredibly sad story. I will always be on your side.

  20. Brunet says:

    C’est monstrueux! Je vous hais! La science ne vous excuse pas ! Je hais l’Homme !

  21. Ducene says:

    All maltraitantes on this maltraitance are disgusting…scandaleux!!!!!!’


  23. Lévy says:

    Vous êtes que des enculés, des connard de première ! Soyez maudit humains de merde ! Que la misère s’abattent sur vous et votre famille pour avoir dénaturé la vie et traiter avec irrespect ce que Dieu a créer vous faites honte, honte a l’Homme et a la science bande de fils de pures ! Vos mère sont des salopes et vos pères des enculés c et pour ça que vous êtes aussi ignobles !!!!!!!! Vous êtes des psychopathes et la pseudo science vous le permet ! Immondes pourritures ! Vivement le jour ou vos actes vous serons rendu ! Moi en tout cas ce jour la je serais au premières loges !

  24. Lévy says:

    Vous qui ne respectez pas la vie sous toutes ses formes vous êtes des fils de pute

  25. truco says:

    c est gens devraient etre en prison pendant des annees

  26. It’s a nazisme, a new dr mangele. Shame on you. It’s not to save a life, it’s not true.

  27. Abigayle Groover says:

    This is criminal torture in the name of science.

    • These are war crimes that have nothing to do with science; this sadism will continue to be embraced and defended by mercenaries as long as it remains profitable and they can revel in their of perverse degeneracy behind closed doors.

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